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    8/1/2021 7:08 EST- You have to be an active participant in your own rescue

    Deep breath everyone. Tough weekend including the disappointing draft deadline but it's still a long season and all that. Plus Sale and Schwarber on their way and a great manager in Cora who can right the ship if anyone can
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    Sale's Return - When and in What Capacity?

    His walk totals have also been very low so yet another good sign in addition to the high strikeouts and increasing pitch count. We'll have to see about velocity but otherwise, the rehab couldn't be going any better
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    Trade deadline

    Wha? This is a proud and longstanding Red Sox Nation/SOSH tradition!
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    Grade the Red Sox trade deadline

    D. And as well as he's done otherwise, can we hold off on the "In Chaim we trust" until he's been here at least 3 years?
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    Trade deadline

    Nobody doubts his success here so far! But I'm talking about one specific part of the job, which is what this thread is about - a pressure trade deadline as a buyer. It's not something he's had to do and may have been overmatched..just my opinion.
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    Trade deadline

    Bloom young and relatively inexperienced. Was he in over his head for this important trade deadline?
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    Trade deadline

    I’m starting to get a little nervous - only a little over one day left to the deadline and teams know we’re DESPERATE for a first baseman. Hopefully whoever plays 1B tonight (probably Dalbec) hits 4 dingers and the desperation doesn’t look quite as bad
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    Pats Preseason Catch-All Thread

    Finally... training camp! I'm so desperate for any Pats news that after reading Lazar's notes, I'm already checking out who Kristian Wilkerson is and how fast he runs a 40
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    Trade deadline

    Shouldn't we be focused on a left handed first basemen and so not Aguilar? The only dependable lefties we have in the lineup are Devers and Verdugo and I'd hate to enter the playoffs against top right handed pitchers with just these two. It was mentioned that Aguilar has improved his hitting...
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    Minor league thread 2021

    Some nice developments on the farm. Among others: - Jeremy Wu-Yelland - he's had some great outtings including 4 no-hit innings in his last one - Pedro Castellanos - his power game is developing nicely; real good year in his overall development so far - Tyreque Reed anyone? Off to a great...
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    7/22/21 vs Yankees - Montgomery vs Houck - 7:10 pm

    Great win but we'll never ever see an inning like that again - 4 WPs and a Red Sox guy in the Yankee dugout
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    7/21/21 @ Blue Jays - Richards vs Ray - 7:07 pm

    The pen was great - protecting a one run lead at the time and no runs the rest of the way
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    7/17 - Eovaldi vs. Cole 7:05 @ toilet

    speed baby...finally!