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    Super Bowl LIV: Chiefs vs 49ers Game Thread

    Jimmy G. under pressure.... did anyone else see images of Drew Bledsoe in his later years?
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    2020 NFL Rule Changes

    There will certainly be a new set of rules to put an end to a team's ability to waste clock in a 4th down punting situation with a delay penalty followed by an illegal motion false start penalty as done by BB, Vrabel and now Reid. Just don't run the game click after the delay penalty and after...
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    JD and the opt out

    The mania to lower payroll comes from the increasingly draconian luxury tax if you fail to drop below the LT threshold for at least one year. It might actually impact the bottom line to pay a player $30M and be forced to pay an extra $20M LT because of that salary.
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    Tenth Player Award winner?

    Chavis would have had a good shot had he continued that level of production for the last two months of the season.
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    The JD Opt-Out: Just Do-it or Just Don't?

    Boros' advice managed to screw Varitek out of millions, and this may happen again to JD. Sometimes he is a magician, but certainly has his flubs as well.
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    Foundation for next year?

    Rob Bradford made a case on the pregame radio show today to sign Porcello to a one year contract. First, it shouldn't be terribly expensive after this season's display.. Second, he is an every other year performer so far (so was Josh Beckett as I recall). Third, it would be in his interest to...
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    Weird Schedule for a Weird Season

    When was the last time the Red Sox didn't play on game on Labor Day? And when was the last time they didn't play on a Friday night not counting London trip?
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    Expanded September rosters

    Heard that if Dalbec is kept off the expanded September roster, and starts next season in the minors for the first 11 Sox games, he can be promoted to the bigs while preserving an extra entire year of control.
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    David Andrews Out with Blood Clots in Lungs

    Another cause of pulmonary emboli is thoracic outlet syndrome. This is when the subclavian vein is compressed by the topmost rib. It is not a rare condition, especially in athletes. Definitive treatment consists of surgical removal of the offending rib. If you don't find an obvious source of the...