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    CFB Coach Carousel

    If I’m a player on that team I sleep in.
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    Sox sign Wacha

    Not necessarily, but they’ve got Turnerx2, Lux, and Muncy to fill out the infield pretty sufficiently.
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    AFC playoff chase 2021

    I think they both finish 11-6 and the Bills take it. Good summary.
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    AFC playoff chase 2021

    Yeah I hate them, but KC may be the best team in the AFC.
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    Red Sox Offseason discussion

    After Scherzer (unlikely), Rodon is the FA starter I'm most interested in. I hope ownership would be willing to overpay on a one or two year deal to bring him onboard.
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    2021 MLB offseason - news and notes

    Maybe Scott Downs? Or Scott Schoeneweis? Or maybe @cromulence is right and 2005 seems as recent as 2012.
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    2021 MLB offseason - news and notes

    Maybe Braden Looper?
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    UConn back to Big East?

    Hurley just landed his best recruit since coming to UConn.
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    AFC playoff chase 2021

    It's like you're ignoring this thread which you yourself participated in. Indy is a playoff caliber team who we're facing on the road. It's certainly a potential loss.
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    AFC playoff chase 2021

    Split Buffalo, beat TN, lose to Indy is what I'm predicting.
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    The Most Surprising Regular Season Loss in the BB Era Thread

    I convinced the members of my survivor pool to go heavy on the Pats. Never heard the end of their second guessing with the benefit of hindsight.
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    Best Patriots Regular Season Win under BB

    I gave away tickets to this one. Still maybe the right move in hindsight.
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    The Game Ball Thread: Wk. 11 at Atlanta

    He's making $665K this year to be a third string QB. Probably a better life than playing minor league ball, living in hotels.