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    Poll: How many games are the Dodgers going to win? (2021 regular season)

    Around 102. They won't stay on this scalding pace, but they're still an excellent team.
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    4/20: Can't Anybody Here Play This Game?

    Never too late to start.
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    Pats Draft Poll

    I think they'll draft Darrisaw at 15 because that's the most boring option.
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    4/19 - Just start winning

    He's such a downgrade from Orsillo.
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    4/19 - Just start winning

    You misspelt asshole.
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    4/19 - Just start winning

    Is Giolito throwing as many meatballs as Gameday seems to indicate?
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    The Lead-off Spot

    On second thought I think our best top 5 is Bogaerts JD Vaz Devers Verdugo
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    The Lead-off Spot

    I would love if they tried Vazquez at the lead off spot. I know most people expect a speedster, but he’s got solid on base/contact skills and is one of the better hitters on the team.
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    4/15- 1:10 PM ET @ MIN: Four wins in 72 hours

    So Ottovino sucks.
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    New and improved - the 2021 Pats Draft Contest!

    Placeholder Darrisaw, Christian, OT, Virginia Tech Moehrig, Trevon, S, TCU Cox, Jabril, LB, LSU Johnson, Jamar, S, Indiana Tremble, Tommy, TE, Notre Dame Werner, Pete, LB, Ohio State Gainwell, Kenneth, HB, Memphis Long, Hunter, TE, Boston College Cooper, Jonathan, EDGE, Ohio State Powell...
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    4/7- 1:10 PM ET vs TB: We're Playing on YouTube? We Most Definitely Are.

    Who is this terrible YouTube play by play guy?
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    Red Sox Draft Tanner Houck, RHP, Missouri at #24 Overall

    So you’re ready to dump Richards after one start? Or make Houck a reliever full time?
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    Yankees acquire Rougned Odor

    Don't get this move. A low OBP terrible defender with contact issues. Depth I guess?