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    Celebrating What Is

    This is the truth 1000% Martz and the Rams burning TWO timeouts in the first 10 minutes of the THIRD quarter (on drives resulting in Rams’ punts!) basically set up Belichick with all the leverage on that last drive. Martz historically was worse than early Andy Reid when it came to not...
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    NFL Moving to 17 Game Schedule in 2021

    Simple math means more things will be clinched earlier over the years as the sample size leading to more week games where (1) the 4-12 Lions are at the 5-11 bears in week 17 and (2) teams that clinch will be more likely to rest (2020 chiefs, 2009 colts) and lie down in week 17 — due in...
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    NFL Moving to 17 Game Schedule in 2021

    From a competitive balance POV it’s ridiculous that a team could play Monday, win, and then have a Saturday playoff game. You can lower the risk of that scenario by planning and scheduling for chalk (as long as you don’t care about which team gets what time slot week 2) but there’s no way to...
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    Patrick Chung to retire

    One often overlooked Chung play was against the Falcons down 28-9 in the 4th quarter.* First play of 4th quarter is an Atlanta punt. Belichick, desperate for comeback, steals a play from coaching legend Jeff Fisher and had team /Edelman try to do the fake catch on one sideline (punt return...
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    1/8 - Wizards @ Celtics

    Tacko to the rescue! His big break!! Pritchard to Tacko is going to become the next Stockton to Malone connection.
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    20 best home runs in Red Sox history

    Remember he almost had a key stolen base in extras in game 5 but didn’t get the call on a bang bang. Ortiz with shades of the Vaughn speeddog era! Ortiz being called out may not even be the most frustrating “bang bang” call in that game if you count Cairo barely beating the Tek tag at home...
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    Ernie Adams: The Last Dance

    Also while I love the example from the Giants-Rams game and its effect, I’m amazed that it’s such “unorthodox” thinking. It’s like not doing certain parts of a full court press in the final 7 seconds of a hoops game when you’re trailing because you’re worried about giving up a layup An...
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    Ernie Adams: The Last Dance

    The Pink Stripes thing was phenomenal
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    SBLII: Patriots vs. Eagles, the Build-Up

    Are we not counting fake spike plays? But otherwise that’s a fantastic point and I’d love to win a turnover battle for the first time in a really long time... hopefully they’re due indeed.
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    Leap and a Flag Will Appear: NFL Bans Leaping to Block FGs and PATs

    Does anyone know if Shea McClellin's leap/block against J Tucker and the Ravens on the 12.5.2016 Monday night game will go down as the last successful one ever? Or were there any in the last 4 weeks of the reg season? I don't remember any in the playoffs other than the one they miscalled in...
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    Roger the Dodger Press Conference Game Thread

    I know he was there and sat in the stands during the 2015 Ravens playoff game, but I don't remember Goodell being physically at Foxboro for the Pats-Colts game. We know Vincent, Kensil and the guys stealing K balls were there in Foxboro that night but I thought I had a memory of him RG at the...
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    No more homefield advantage decided by the ASG?

    Always thought a 3 point system would work best and give all star game some relevance as well as late season games 1 pt to league whose World Series representative has best record. 1 pt to league with best record in inter league games that year 1 pt to league who is all star game winner If...
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    Belichick and the new KO rule

    If they really wanted to lower kickoff numbers they should have made it 5 yards the other way and touchback at the 15. Teams would be doing everything to draft guys to boot it out of the end zone. I always felt like punt returns are more dangerous w blind side hits and people getting...
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    The Pats Injury Watch: Collins & Jones

    From the stands I was 99% certain that Chandler Jones returned to the game and was in for the onside kick , lined up all the way on the right near the Pats bench but it was across the field so I'm not 100% positive. Heard about the injury after the game (which I didn't notice during last KC...
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    Sons, Sam, and Horn, L.L.P.: Brady Case LEGAL ISSUES Only

    Can someone refresh my memory...despite that transcript didn't Kessler raise the notice issue in his post-hearing brief before Goodell's (most recent, if you count the Vincent as Goodell's) decision? I don't think you've waived it with one line during a transcript passage if you raise it...