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    2020 Pats: Bengals Coach Implies Patriots Taping Play Signals

    That Cialis commercial had to be about ten years ago and they’re still getting mileage.
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    2019 NFL Week 10 Game Thread

    Smith called tails and the referee incorrectly said he called heads. That’s one lucky break.
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    Wk. 7 at Jets: We’re on to New York (mercifully, for the final time)

    I see what you did there. Road I cruise is a bitch, now, baby.
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    [LOCKED] 2019 AB Watch: Non-legal Views Only

    Looks to be a Civil suit, not a criminal trial. Important distinction.
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    7/27 at home, against the MFY

    Waiver trade deadline got 86ed. July 31 is now the deadline for any trade
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    Offseason Thread - Betty when you call me, you can call me Al

    I have no experience in assessing credibility on reports of Eurasian dictators health.
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    7/22 Monday at the Pimple

    With Cole on the mound.
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    Offseason Thread - Betty when you call me, you can call me Al

    There’s multiple reports out there that Recep Erdogan died of a heart attack. Not sure about Turkish line of succession, but it seems like that might improve Enes Kanters odds of being able to travel to Toronto.
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    6/29 British Invasion

    Alex Rodriguez?
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    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    That was said prior to the Thompson injury. Totally different game after that
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    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    Whistles have been swallowed and are making their way into the colon by now.
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    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    Eyes see what you did there
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    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    I wanted Rancourt but I’m kinda glad they stuck with that guy. He does a nice job.
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    Game 6 - Bruins @ Blues

    I wonder if they had a contingency plan, or if there’s an empty bar with house music blaring, women standing around,and a bunch of champagne on ice unopened. Like Kenny Powers’ Independence Day party in “Eastbound and Down”