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    Poll: Cam, Mac, Brian or?

    Cam was reported to have had tested positive for covid the first week in October of 2020. That means that he should have natural immunity. Him not getting vaccinated if he has natural immunity wouldn't be "part of the problem", it would be a personal choice between him and his medical staff -...
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    Pats Preseason: QB Edition

    Did you say the same thing when Edelman got popped for a failed a PED test a few years ago? Just curious.
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    Timelord signs big extension (4 yrs/54 mill)

    How does this work in terms of the Celtics trying to salary match in trades? Is this a help/hindrance in that regard?
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    Romeo Langford - Pick #14

    This is pretty much where I am. If BB were asking a starting linebacker to work on long snapping, or asking the 2nd string 'anything' to work on special teams to increase value, increase depth, and just get on the field 6-8 more plays a season no one would blink. Stevens seeing a way for Romeo...
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    Limb to limb non-mortal kombat: Judo, Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Wrestling at the 2020 Summer Olympics

    Just a (way late) thought or two from one person's eyes about the comments made about Judo upthread. For the longest time Judo was ruled/governed by the Japanese, and the rules engineering and intent on the international level was to create play the way that the Japanese stereotypically...
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    Celtics hire Ime Udoka as HC

    FTFY. Giannis may have been even worse shooting if not for this guy in theory, right? I'm not sure what the objective measurement criteria would be for a shooting coach, given the variables in an NBA game - but perhaps assessing his performance would be influenced by his charges winning the...
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    Limb to limb non-mortal kombat: Judo, Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Wrestling at the 2020 Summer Olympics

    An incredibly sweet series of moments for that family. Of her match, that was a sweet bit of ne waza... the French woman knew once she had been turned it was over.
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    CN - The Final

    Yes, if for no other reason than families being present for any possible celebrations - which players had been told was not happening in Montreal.
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    Who will yell at refs with passion? Cs Coaching Search

    Something something 89/90 Bruins/Edmonton... something something 3 OTs... Peter Klima... damn it.
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    2021 NBA Playoffs Gamethread

    It was a hell of a performance... I have to say I'm glad that it was in a losing cause.
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    Ongoing COVID-19 Impact

    Agreed: your customer will deal with stress before covid. Poor guy. We have a whole generation of kids (especially the younger ones) who've been programmed to act/think like this customer of yours - I'm saddened to think of the impact of it all. They'll be alive (but were they really in...
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    Ongoing COVID-19 Impact

    lol, ok. He's one of the top 5... his thinking contradicts yours (I assume) but my rationale is poor? I'm comfortable with my choices - it's others here telling me to get a second medical opinion. It was the conversation with my Dr that made me aware of Dr. KullDorff - who I then researched...
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    Ongoing COVID-19 Impact

    Good question, the 5-6 days of fatigue was the most lingering thing for me (my SO and daughter had a 2-3 week fight, plus follow-up fatigue and loss of taste for the SO). I haven't since then tried to really ramp up my cardio, or do long runs, so I can't say conclusively that there wasn't...
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    Ongoing COVID-19 Impact

    I'm betting he's actually number 1 and is being humble? (If you were being funny, I ignore the rest.) Seriously though, this board is "science/data" all the way. I'm saying MY Dr. for MY personal medical history (and given his prior foresight in fortifying my immune system) is recommending a...
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    Ongoing COVID-19 Impact

    No offense here, but his advice (with complete knowledge of my medical history) coincides with the thoughts of one of the top 5 vaccine experts (a pro-covid-19 vaccine person) in the world. With what medical basis (starting with little knowledge of my personal medical history) do you make your...