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    2/25 Celtics at Blazers

    I only saw the last 5-10 minutes, but Kanter seems to be moving better tonight than his last x number of appearances. Didn't help him on the Ole defense, but still.
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    Bruins v Flames

    Double post
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    Mark Cuban vs The World: Whose side are you on?

    But if another owner wants to split the NBA fine, and go in on it together, we might be able to work something out. But you have to decide right now, and if you talk to anyone else, the offer is off the table.
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    72 Suburbs in Search of a City: Anthony Davis to Los Angeles Lakers

    The Lakers picking up Morris could be a big deal. He gives them quite a bit defensively and offensively as well - including the ability to free Davis from the paint a bit.
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    Romeo Langford - Pick #14

    I love it. Get on w/ defense, and the offense will come.
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    Bruins at Canucks

    You've never heard of Pablo Bell?
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    Bruins at Canucks

    Another nice play by Loui... why can't we get players like that?
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    Bruins at Canucks

    Nice play by the Canucks there, backhand putting the puck on net, getting dirty in front of the net. I'm not seeing that from the Bs tonight.
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    Bruins at Flames

    Another opportunity missed. Lucic w/out a stick and another Flame down after the shot block, the Bs couldn't take advantage.
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    Bruins at Flames

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    Bruins at Flames

    Elam Ending?
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    Bruins at Flames

    Is this a function of the pre-trade deadline jitters or something?
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    Bruins at Flames

    That you speak so well of him, he couldn't have been anything but an amazing father to you. You've been blessed. Sorry he's not with you physically now, but anywhere you are, there he is.
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    Jayson Tatum Needs His Own Thread

    I agree, Tatum was Ainge's pick to be a Celtic no matter which way things played out. I guess we disagree on the term "free" then - it seems like you are devaluing Ainge's skill in making that happen. Because Ainge played his cards close to the vest, and had Fultz in for a couple of workouts...