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    ZOOM? or Google Hangouts or ?

    It's only in the preview. Other people see the unmirrorred video.
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    Help Me Maximize my Awful Wi-Fi/Internet

    Try running it plugged in over ethernet, and also when no one else is streaming anything to try to get a more accurate picture of the DSL bandwidth. Do you know what Verizon advertises for the maximum speed for the uplink and downlink? If those are your true speeds, you are going to have a hard...
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    Help Me Maximize my Awful Wi-Fi/Internet

    Eventually, 5G home internet could be an option. The cell phone companies are just starting to roll it out, but it remains to be seen how quickly it rolls out in rural areas. Unfortunately, the mm-wave technology Verizon is using for this won't be an economically viable option in rural areas...
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    Help Me Maximize my Awful Wi-Fi/Internet

    What's your advertised uplink and downlink speeds over DSL from Verizon? Have you run a speed test to see what kind of bandwidth you're getting?
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    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    FYI, the Motorola MB8600 does not work with RCN. I switched to RCN a couple of years ago when Verizon wouldn't negotiate, and bought that. It worked for a couple of months. RCN made a network change for DOCSIS 3.1, and it stopped working. RCN still doesn't have the right configuration for that...
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    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    Are you in a market covered by locast? It's a not-for-profit broadcast TV streaming servce.
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    software/package for entering google-form like documents but with end-to-end encryption

    Nextcloud is open source private cloud software. It has a forms addon similar to Google Forms. Nextcloud supports end-to-end encryption and per-file storage encryption.
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    Optimally Upgrade/Replace RAID 5

    WD is now labeling which drives are CMR vs SMR. WD Red are SMR. WD Red Plus and Red Pro are CMR. WD blog post.
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    HDR Sucks

    HDR looks awesome on my LG OLED as well. The screen gets visibly brighter when HDR or Dolby Vision kick on. HDR works with built-in Netflix and Amazon, a Roku and a 4K Blu-ray player. What you describe sounds like something doing incorrect tone mapping from HDR to SDR. When you turn HDR off on...
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    COVID-19 and Tech

    Dumpster fire that it is, Teams is much less of a dumpster fire than Skype for Business. I'm unfortunately forced to use them at work. We've been using Teams a lot with the work from home shift, and it's been much better. Skype for Business frequently eats messages. It pops up a notification...
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    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    They might if you threaten to switch to the other provider. You need to get them to transfer you to the retention department when you call in to try to get that deal.
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    Building a new mid-level gaming PC

    To bump this: Intel still doesn't have a 10 nm desktop CPU, and it's not clear when they will. Ice Lake is mobile only for now. Tiger Lake, the successor to Ice Lake, also looks like it might be targeting mobile as well. AMD is crushing Intel on the desktop right now.
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    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    Which model Sony receiver, and does it support 4K@60 Hz or just 4K@30 Hz? Do you get dropouts only with a 4K signal, or are they happening with HD/SD signals as well? ARC is only used for audio from the TV back to the receiver. If you're getting audio dropouts for devices hooked up to the...
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    Modem/Router Choices, Issues

    That's probably because you're using MoCA (coax) for the WAN. Verizon's not supposed to use that for anything over 75 Mbps. It's MoCA 1.1, which is supposed to handle up to 175 Mbps, but there can be signal degradation issues over the coax into your house that can drop that. You can call and ask...
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    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    Most soundbars connect via HDMI-ARC now for audio, and can be controlled over HDMI-CEC. You plug the soundbar into the HDMI-ARC input on the TV. Then, you just use the regular TV remote, and it passes the volume commands to the soundbar. Polk Audio has some great soundbars, too. They usually go...