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    Thoughts about media types who don't have their own threads

    I caught some of the BC-ND game on radio and it was not Meter.
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    It's still too early for the casual listeners to talk Sox, and there aren't any casual listeners for C's/B's, so it has to be Pats. The hard core sports fan isn't the customer for this medium.
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    Kirk and Callahan: Done

    Well, it's unusual to the 'EEI guy who signed up for SOSH a couple of weekends ago.
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    30 for 30

    It was more Aaron Booneish.
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    Why Do I Continue to Read Peter King?

    No, his Starbucks card is getting low.
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    ESPN Is Pathetic

    The worldwide leader has certainly fallen from its heights, but I'm still enjoying the ESPN Radio commercials with the calls of the NBA champion, the World Series champion, and the NCAA FB champion. That never gets old.
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    ESPN Is Pathetic

    Imagine how sick we'd be of Doug Flutie, if ESPN were like this in the early eighties.
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    Why Do I Continue to Read Peter King?

    I'm pretty sure he's too big to will himself invisible.
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    2014 SoSH Golf Thread

    Here's a question from an antsy New Englander, tired of all the snow.  I played in Orlando last month, but I'm curious about closer to home.  What do you guys think might be the closest course to southern New England that might be open?  How long a drive would it take?
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    2014 SoSH Golf Thread

    In the air over Savannah, on the way to Orlando for 5+ rounds. No Disney, no side trips, just golf, food, and taking some cash at the card table from my drunk partners. 9 of us headed down, playing Windemere, Metrowest, Celebration, Falcon's Nest, and I'll probably squeeze in Stoneybrook East...
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    2013-14 Bowl Thread

    I couldn't agree more.  I've never seen that play called that way.
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    Protecting the Shields -- The Nick Cafardo Thread

    And Armando Gallaraga's perfect game.
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    Protecting the Shields -- The Nick Cafardo Thread

    You know, I think Nick misread Silverman's tweet, and thought it said at bat, and he was just correcting the youngster.
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    Why Do I Continue to Read Peter King?

    King is fucking Lina Lamont from "Singin' in the Rain":    "If we bring a little joy into your humdrum lives, it makes us feel as though our hard work ain't been in vain for nothin'. Bless you all."   The attitude, the's a perfect, from Manhattan, match.