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    How did you discover SoSH?

    I saw that thread years after it happened and the board had migrated, so it was at least saved for some time.
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    How did you discover SoSH?

    Im not sure if it was this specifically, but there were 3-4 things that happened around the same time that made this place "famous." Bill Simmons posting here and mentioning it in columns, I think WEEI hosts would mention it. SoSh became a think people talked about sometime in 2003. Hard to...
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    NBA Play In Tourney

    Even for Lebron, thats got to go in the career highlight reel. What an absurd shot.
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    4/17 vs. GSW

    Holy shit hearing a fired up crowd is some serious mana. This is awesome.
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    4/11 at DEN

    Jokic's body language is awful, Jesus. Just completely gave up.
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    April 6th: Vs Sixers

    they should have given it a look a few months ago when Embiid dropped 40 on them twice in 3 days.
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    March 29 vs. NO

    the movement and passing look like a different team.
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    March 27 at OKC

    Timelord has entered the Jackie Bradley realm of guys who are so aesthetically awesome to watch and so potentially good that it will shatter my psyche if he actually ends up sucking. Thanks for the reassuring words.
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    March 27 at OKC

    I only just started tuning in. Did Timelord get pushed around by Moses Brown?
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    March 27 at OKC

    Our 5s will never miss a 3 again. That Milwaukee game was the last straw.
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    Bo Burnham to play Larry Bird in HBO series about the Showtime Lakers

    This was the 80s, every beer was the same as every other beer. This mythical mini fridge would be a cornucopia of like, Bud, Coors, Miller, Pabst, Strohs, Schlitz, Old Style... I dunno maybe it would have enough magical power to summon up a Heineken.
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    Fournier to Celtics for 2 second round picks

    They absolutely have to sign him to recover value anyway. Using the TPE for a half season of a guy when they have no real title hopes and are too capped to sign a different free agent this off season would be a disaster. They would have been better off not using it in-season at all.
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    What to Do, What to Do?

    Im sure the site is complete crap- Its the only blog who put down in writing a twitter trade rumor thats been going around today. I probably should have just left it out and referenced the trade rumor as being from my own ass. The fact that Drummond will be moved is certainly true, though.
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    What to Do, What to Do?

    There were some Drummond to the Celtics rumors today. I realize most people around here hate this, and thinks Drummond sucks, but what if they are after his giant expiring contract rather than the player himself? Drummond has enough reputation around the league that you could swap Kemba for...
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    2/16 vs. Nuggets

    I dont think its unrealistic, if you give up a FRP or some other thing of value. OKC does not care who is playing for them as long as they have assets. The real trick is how to add more good players on top of that after burning a major asset to shuffle around bad contracts- Horford doesn't...