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    The Eurocup QF Thread: Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, Vaarwel, Adeus, and...Goodbye to Croatia

    IQUOTE="Ale Xander, post: 4489437, member: 71047"] So Denmark in Danish is Denmark? Can’t be that many countries that sound the same in their own language as in English? Or are they changing in English? I think it's Danmark Edit: but I've only been in Copenhagen 48 hours and there's a chance...
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    How did you discover SoSH?

    It says '02, but it was definitely earlier than that. A co-worker told me about Simmons and this site around 2000-01. I realized that I knew nothing about baseball (or anything else, really). Of course, I disavow any post before 2015. Wasn't me. I found this user name lying around.
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    2021 PGA Championship- Kiawah Ocean Course

    This thread has helped me, someone who hasn't watched a golf tournament ever. You were all spot-on with your CBS dislike. It's as if ESPN coverage is designed for 30-year olds (constant action, strategy and tactics discussions, different voices, humor) while the CBS coverage is for 70-year...
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    2021 PGA Championship- Kiawah Ocean Course

    I am not a golf fan, but I am watching this while I grade. I didn't understand why the group loves Duval until just now: McDonagh: How do you size up [Mickelson's] chances in round 2? Duval: Not very good, frankly
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    Gameweek 36: Technically, it is now.

    I'm finally catching up on the UEFA Europa Conference League. I've never wanted someone to sponsor something more. I might just start calling it the Johnstone's Paint League Edit: I'm slow today. It clearly should be the Intertoto League
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    Gameweek 36: Technically, it is now.

    Have Wolves been wearing, um, burgundy? for a while? As a casual watcher, I don't demand a performance, but I demand the pretty yellow-orange-gold kit.
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    The Best Rest for 17 Games?

    The one caveat is that there are positions that rotate more than they did in the past: D-line and RB (maybe safeties too?) So, at some point coaches learned that playing their best players every play did not result in maximum performance. It is possible that they would expand this. But my...
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    ESPN Is Pathetic

    Sorry, the judges will not accept entries lacking a Charlie Steiner punchline. View: View:
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    Tebow Time! Can't kaep him down.

    Jaguars roster is at 90 players now. I'm predicting a boomlet in fame for whoever gets released when Tebow gets signed. Won't make up for the $1,500 a week (and free meals and free coaching) that player won't earn for the next few weeks, but it'd be something. Would Hard Knocks pick the...
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    Tebow Time! Can't kaep him down.

    Do you have a cite for this? I haven't heard this.
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    Let's Rummage through the Bargain Bin

    The two I don't get are Kawann Short and Olivier Vernon. Weren't they both at least worth their contracts last year?
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    Let's Rummage through the Bargain Bin

    From now until training camp, there will be some older free agents looking for work. Here's a list (every list has an annoying amount of ad clutter): (you can click on "2021 Team" to sort by available FAs) Anyone catch your fancy? I wonder if Melvin Ingram...
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    Gameweek 35: Money for nothing & relegation-free

    I'm (extremely) late paying attention to the EPL this season: what's up with the West Brom kits? They deserve to be relegated for those alone. And I support a team with a kit charitably described as "greenyellow" Edit: not seen here: the red-orange numbers.
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    Broncos: New GM New QB?

    Saw this while browsing whatever they call Rotoworld now. View: Schefter: Broncos' OT Ja'Wuan James suffered a season-ending torn Achilles working out today away from the team facility, per sources. James' $10 million salary...
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    Favorite Patriots Newcomer (Draft Picks Included)

    In the same vein, I voted Other, because there will be someone that comes out of nowhere to be better (or a better story) than all of these players. My early bet is Raekwon McMillan, but Cam didn't sign until June 28 last year.