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    Patriots Training Camp 2022

    I was trying to look at it from this angle at first but it's the nature of the reports coming out of camp. You can tell when a team is losing a good battle vs just not executing their job. David Andrews felt the need to call an offense only huddle after practice yesterday. The offense just...
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    Dolphins Tampering thread, loss of 2 picks and Ross suspended

    You haven't seen anything on it because the FTC shut down NeuroSafe in 2012 because it was snake oil being marketed fraudulently. The Russell Wilson product was actually entirely different, and a few years later, but was the impetus that led reporters to dig up Brady's concussion water...
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    Juhann Begarin pick #45

    benhogan specifically mentioned trade value though... I think it's a reasonable assessment. Promising 2nd rounder with a year of good development and still super young could easily have the same value as the 27th pick to a team that likes Begarin. It's definitely also better for us that...
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    Where art thou? or Shall I compare thee to DJ, KD, or Russ? or Who shalt SOSH wishcast upon in the morrow? Dost we have any prospects? To be or ... Pretty good write up from a European scout this spring on Madar and Begarin's seasons. Madar has some skills but isn't an NBA level athlete. Begarin is a 6'5 athlete but needs to develop...
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    To PE, or not To PE - that is the question

    Good list. Heurter, KCP, Kuzma, and Burks seem to be the most popular realistic options being thrown around. The mention of Kelly Olynyk is an interesting one that I don't think I've seen as much. Obviously doesn't solve the secondary shooting/ball handling issue which seems to be the top...
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    JD Davison, 2nd round pick

    But it's still important to use the same measurement, or at least know which one you're using, for comparison's sake. Before nighthob pointed it out, I thought Davison was indeed 6'3 and taller than Rozier. That's because I was going off Alabama's listed height, which many of the generic...
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    Celtics Offseason Primer It's from March but Celtics Blog has a decent rundown of Madar and Begarin's years with a European scout. Not much noteworthy, Begarin lost his shot, Madar found his a little more. Neither...
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    2021-22 NBA In-Season News/Transactions

    It's unexpected obviously but not totally surprised. It could that he wants to continue chasing rings as an assistant for a team with superstars known for coachability. Charlotte could become competitive with LaMelo, but are far from contenders. Some reports also mention family reasons, so...
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    Celtics Offseason Primer

    We do have the Big 3 years as a little clue into what Wyc might be willing spend in luxury tax. With a team that was definitely a championship contender they paid $8.2m, $8.3m, and $14.9m the first 3 years, roughly 12% of the cap the first 2 years, and 21% the 3rd. Ten percent of the cap...
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    Celtics Offseason Primer

    I'm not sure that's exactly how I'd classify the White trade. When the Celtics acquired White on February 10 they had just ascended to 7th in the EC with a 31-25 record. They were finally trending up, but still just a month removed from a frustrating .500 first half of the season. At the...
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    6/13 Finals Game 5 @ GSW

    This whole game has been unbelievable.
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    Jaylen Brown, The Vet Years

    It's all a pretty meaningless SSS, but I think a lot of that +/- difference is because Tatum was the alpha left out there during Game 2's Pritchard, White, G. Williams, Theis line up experiment that failed miserably to close out the 1st and 3rd quarters.
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    Celtics vs. Warriors, NBA Finals

    I mean, the Golden State "dynasty" is pretty historic. Nothing is going to match what the Celtics did in a 9-team league in the 1960s, but 3 titles, 73 wins, and a playing style that revolutionized the modern game puts them pretty high in the pantheon of all-time great teams.
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    5 vs 8: Where we discuss the quality (or lack thereof) of NBA Playoff Officiating

    Is it really retaliation to remove someone's leg from resting on your head? Because that's what Jaylen does initially. In the end I'm fine with the no call double T. What makes it frustrating though is that it's really multiple bush league actions from Draymond before Jaylen retaliates. The...
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    Celtics vs. Warriors, NBA Finals

    Also grabbing 6 rebounds in 15 minutes, really finding ways to contribute. Amazing clutch performances from Horford and White. Smothering defense in the 4th, what an opening round. Coming back from a rough 3rd quarter to just turn the tables and obliterate them from the jump in the 4th. Crazy...