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    Getting Smart with Statistics

    Zach Lowe and Doris Burke discussed (raved about really) Marcus on the most recent Lowe Post Podcast. Lowe said he has never been more wrong about a player than Smart. He goes on to say he used to think everything Smart can do wouldn't matter if he couldn't shoot, he said that was wrong, he's so...
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    Celtics to purchase Maine Red Claws

    I live in Portland and go to many Red Claws games. The attendance has definitely been dwindling. I wonder, and have wondered, if the Celtics plan to bring the branding/uniforms/team name more inline with the parent organization ? I think that would make sense from a marketing perspective. The...
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    Cheesesteaks vs. Chowdah Part I - The Sixers/Celtics Series Thread

    Interesting article from Alex Kungu on, a good twitter follow btw, about the "math problem" the Celtics perimeter defense creates for the 76ers...
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    10-Day Targets

    I went to a bunch of those 12-13 Red Claws game and remember Silas well. He was a decent ball handler but I don't remember him scoring much. Of course this was the season the Red Claws were running a lot of offense for Fab Melo so it was hard to get a read on the other players.
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    Round 2 Celtics vs. Wizards

    Also reminded me of Pierce/Lebron a bit. Tough to rank the performance in terms of Celtics history right now. As a player though, last night solidified IT's place in the league. Tons of current/former players talking about him on Twitter, etc.
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    Jaylen Brown - underrated?

    He clearly has relied on his athleticism to succeed before and that shows. Everything i've read and seen from him shows he is very smart and understands his role, the teams position, etc. That is outlined here pretty well...