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    Poll: On Deck, Devers

    I have zero faith in the front office to offer a competitive contract, so I voted to trade Devers before the season. After seeing the contracts signed this offseason, Devers would be an idiot to sign for less than $220-250 mil this offseason and he'll be worth more than Xander in free agency...
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    X Leaves the Spot for San Diego: 11 years, $280M

    I'd say my only disappointment from the Sox FO is their final offer was not $200 mil or slightly north. Buuuut it wouldn't have mattered, so whatever...
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    X Leaves the Spot for San Diego: 11 years, $280M

    I use the operative "play", much like Dustin Pedroia was effectively done playing a number of years before he officially retired. The player will certainly collect the checks while rehabbing and attempting to come back, but that cycle could be far short of 11 years from now.
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    Red Sox sign Kenley Jansen

    I'm a fan of anything that allows all the other relievers to move up by an inning. Kanley got things done last year with not the highest velocity but excellent spin rate, so that is a good sign for preventing an age-related dropoff. Edit: i.e. Full tilt PART time.
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    MLB used livelier balls in Yankee Stadium and postseason.

    Exactly my thought, if I were some average pitcher like Frankie Montas for instance (1HR/9IP Oakland, 1.4 HR/9IP Yankees in 2022) I'd start to question if it was only park adjustment or performance that spiked my ERA last season.
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    NFL: News and transactions

    A lot of GMs wouldn't make it a full year if they were judged on former players torching their previous team in a game. In all seriousness, his teams have been +21 games over .500 since he arrived in 2016. MAYBE you could say Mike Vrabel is putting lipstick on a "pig" (bad roster composition)...
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    Red Sox Rumors

    For all we know given Ross and Napoli have vested interests in recruiting X, he was reaching out to Lester for his experiences having played for both franchises, as a possibly more independent source. The tweet didn't say Lester was "recruiting" Bogaerts. And Lester himself would probably...
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    Red Sox Rumors

    I would not be happy, but would accept seeing him go for that much or greater. Basically I think there is no reason the final offer from the Sox shouldn't begin with a 2 but the break even point for me isn't far north of 200. If X takes 8/240 elsewhere and I hear we only went to 170 or 180...
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    Red Sox Rumors

    Geesh, this Baghdad Bob is swooping in at every opportunity. Someone should tell him X already has Boras as his agent, no need to white knight for him. The guy is going to get PAID regardless. In light of recent contracts my ceiling is probably in the 7/200 neighborhood as well, but if...
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    CFB 2022 Week 14: Conference Championships

    And Saban with the PR campaign via Fox halftime interview, "A-rodding" championship week lol.
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    CFB 2022 Week 14: Conference Championships

    Epically terrible shotgun draw call on 4th and less than a yard. Just when LSU was threatening to make it a game.
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    Red Sox sign P Chris Martin

    That really got posted at The Speed of Sound.
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    The Blame Game: Pick the Single Biggest Issue With the Offense

    I voted in terms of the first domino to fall, which is Bill the GM. He was happy with a patchwork O Line and last year blew a bunch of money on skill positions because the Pats have blown their drafts at these positions for the last X number of years. Hunter and Jonnu cost a combined $25...
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    Week 13: Bills @ Pats - Playoff Push Begins

    Eh, if that's the case why even try. Just go 0-17 and try to get the top QB (which will maybe have a 50/50 chance of even being a top 10 QB). I think there is still a path to have a top 10-15 QB and win, but the Pats are still building the surrounding cast like the best QB of all time is on...
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    Week 13: Bills @ Pats - Playoff Push Begins

    Agreed. I'm just seeing a disproportionate amount of hate spewed at Mac, when the Cam Newton season telegraphed how the whole franchise seemed to be breaking down without the Brady duct tape.