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    4/20 - High as “Hall” I Ain’t Got No Satellites On Me

    Am I too late to imagine Hall on a line with Adam Oates? It would make my dream come true.
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    2021 Golf Thread

    I got out a couple times last week. To those questioning about moving on from 10+ year old clubs.... do it. New irons have me about a club+ longer and launched a lot higher(some is the club, some is a swing improvement). So my first round out, I played great, but didn't score well, as I was...
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    Brian Scalabrine is Better at Basketball Than You

    I was going to say the same about Heinsohn, but then I thought "too soon"
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    Analysis of Celtics Games (2020-2021)

    Tatum was tripled. He kicked it out to Smarf, who faked a swing to Kemba. From there, he could set his feet, check the wind, order some nachos, and hit the 3.
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    4/18 - "Hall" Aboard!

    If nothing else, the hallacious 5v5 offense has gotten a bit of a boost.
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    Pats Roster Planning: Offense

    I think it was Ted Johnson who said it, FWIW. He and that Pats didn't have the best of separations, but the relationship seems to have mellowed over time.
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    Vazquez: Sexiest in MLB

    This is just me, but anything authored by Tomase is a "skip" I am still waiting for the first article that he writes something releveant (and true)
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    The AAA Sox Stadium Thread: Where Ever They May Roam

    I love the fact that I'll be able to walk to a game. Maybe catch a few innings with the mini OGG and then walk her back to her mom's house. Maybe go on my own. It is much more convenient to me than going to Pawtucket, and trying to remember which church I have to make the turn at.
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    4/6- 7:10 PM ET vs TB: One Good Turn

    Homerun Derby by the players due up first the next inning. No PH.
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    2021 Golf Thread

    I should add that my shot is usually a high draw, so (a ) is a total 'WTF?' shot. Which in turn leads to a (c ). But C was more of a shoutout to the RMPS crew who actually had the pleasure (?) of witnessing it ( 7th tee at Highfields)
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    Pats QB Options

    I think of the match up problems that Prime Gronk caused lining up wide. Now you have someone who can also just run past the defender ?
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    2021 Golf Thread

    I am hoping that next week will cooperate weather-wise in Central MA. I took the week off, figuring the week of April vaca (the following week) I'd have to ...err, get to spend a lot of time with the mini OGG. Goals for the year: "Where the @##% did that shot come from?" (e.g. Pull slices)--...
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    2021 Masters Week

    Man....a twosome behind a threesome. And i don't really think you can ask to play through with those fellas.
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    Analysis of Celtics Games (2020-2021)

    Only those misses that came on less than 2 days rest.