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    Sports Cards Mania

    Count me in
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    NFL Draft Rd.1: Picks Gamethread--NO SPOILERS

    Gotta figure Fields goes here to Denver
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    2019 NFL: News & Transactions

    I have/had Gronk & Luck in my dynasty league
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    Game 4 - Bruins @ CBJ

    Tuukka was a stud tonight. Saved our ass
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    Game 4 - Bruins @ CBJ

    This CBJ team is dirty AF. Man they are easy to dislike
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    Game 4 - Bruins @ CBJ

    The 4 refs were looking at the netting just in case a puck bounced off of there Shameful officiating
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    Game 4 - Bruins @ CBJ

    Almost seems fixed sometimes
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    Game 4 - Bruins @ CBJ

    Agree with that 100%
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    Game 4 - Bruins @ CBJ

    Announcer just said that was an easy call for the officials....but apparently a puck bouncing off a net is impossible for all 4
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    Game 4 - Bruins @ CBJ

    Besides being not reviewable FOUR officials don’t see it. Wtf are they looking at. Not one knows where the fucking puck is?! Total bs
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    The 2018 NBA Draft

    Allen just went.....thank god
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    “Well, if it’s true then you can see why JDM’s pissed and hasn’t signed. He was hoping to get $100MM more than the best offer. That isn’t chump change. It’s basically half his self-valuation” Understood but, why direct that anger towards the team giving you the best offer? Shouldn’t his...
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    App-ease Me

    Anybody use any journal or diary type apps? Hate to say it but, my memory ain't what it used to be and I find myself wishing I could recall more of some the experiences I had etc. Somebody mentioned Day One to me...anybody have any experience with this app or similar ones?
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    Well Done: Cooks' Season One in NE

    Reportedly, BB did not want to give up our own pick #32 for Cooks so, can't imagine we are trading JG for pick 12 & then giving that up for Cooks
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    Dumb question regarding iphone4

    Went to Apple to night & before purchasing new phone, I asked about converting the 4 and they said it can't be done. Appreciate all the responses