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    10/20/21: at Knickerbockers

    I need all of the incredulous celeb shots bottled and sold at local retailers.
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    10/20/21: at Knickerbockers

    COVID Jaylen >>>> Jordan flu/poison pizza.
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    10/20/21: at Knickerbockers

    Shortest offseason ever, still too long to wait.
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    Preseason No. 2 (10/9/21) vs. Raptors

    They said 10 days on the broadcast.
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    Red Sox Silver Sluggers: Betts, Martinez, Martinez

    I'm Mookie. This is my brother JD, and this is my other brother JD.
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    Game 7- Rake and Burn the Leafs

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    Game 7- Rake and Burn the Leafs

    Fuckin right
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    Game 7- Rake and Burn the Leafs

    Get it right the fuck back.
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    11/4 - Capitals @ Bruins

    Truly impossible not to read this in his voice and marvel.
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    10/19 - Canucks @ Bruins

    Hot damn.
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    Celtics Summer League

    Jaylen is the best player on the floor and he knows it.
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    4/23 Ottawa at Boston -- revenge part 2

    Two slashes for the price of one penalty.