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    Betts/Price to LA for Verdugo/Jeter Downs/TBA

    Now is the winter of my discontent...
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    Toucher and Rich --- Everyone Else Has Some Work To Do

    Rock n roll Mike screaming for 3 minutes ? Hard pass.
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    David Ortiz will retire at end of 2016 season.

    Wait, wait, wait. Are you telling me that a Yankee fan hates Big Papi ? Shocked ! They are treating Papi worse than Hitler.
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    Red Sox sign Casey Janssen

    Apparently he's added some velocity. This is a unique twist on pitcher at end of line. Usually it's; he's learned a new pitch or changed his grip on the curveball or altered his mechanics.
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    So, 19 at-bats and Travis Shaw is a shoe-in?

    Typical Ferrari weighs about 3,000 pounds, so yeah...
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    Jeter HGH ?

    Captain Intangibles now has more performance enhancing stink on him than Bagwell or Piazza. Discuss.
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    Yankees acquire Aroldis Chapman

    Just as a side note - it must be really hard to get banned from that forum now. In the good old days this poster would have been out the door faster than a young lady holding a Jeter gift basket.
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    Yankees acquire Aroldis Chapman

    My new favorite post ever from Morons "R" Us sums it up in a most awesome way ! DV is disgusting but the investigation is still ongoing. If everyone on the Yankees is required to be a beardless choir boy, get ready for some lean years. Derek Jeter seemed like an asshole teammate and may be a...
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    Yankees acquire Aroldis Chapman

    "We know too well the mayhem and pain wrought by domestic violence. And sadly, we know there are likely more of these cases coming. There are so many things we know. But conditioned to praise the savvy and successful manipulator of market inefficiencies, we’ve rarely paused to wonder if maybe...
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    NY offseason 2015/2016

    Kozma with a OPS+ of 9 last year. How does that even happen ?
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    Sox get Kimbrel

    Things I want to do this trade: Cuddle it Make it oatmeal Netflix and chill with it Knit it a Christmas Sweater
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    'Invisible' Ellsbury

    In his last 31 PA's, 2 singles and a walk, I think. If the Yankees were to miss the playoffs how much heat would he get ?
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    Worst Catcher in Recent Sox History

    Sullivan, and I will not even debate it. .186 .236 .258
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    Who will represent the Red Sox in the All-Star Game

    Yaz. Odds are he'll still square one up.
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    David Ortiz writes for the Players Tribune

    Once again CHB reminds us that his favorite subject is CHB.