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    Game 7: Knowing More Than Who Our Parents Were

    Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston.
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    iMac / Outlook / zsh - for macOS Big Sur v11.6

    I am puzzled why the change in the default shell should cause problems for Word. I remember getting this error message when I was still using bash and the default changed. In any case, you might try changing the default shell back to bash and seeing if that works...
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    Grade the Red Sox trade deadline

    Part of Bloom's job is to manage the media and the fans, while also hedging against the possibility that the Sox will continue to overperform. So he does what he can do to improve the team consistent with the long-term plan and his (hypothetical) suspicion that they are going to fall back to...
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    Grade the Red Sox trade deadline

    I kinda want to change my vote, since I now think that the team might not have been as good as I thought they were. If they were only ok, then it wasn't worth spending very much to get better. If Bloom knew that and I didn't, then he played things just right.
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    All Star Week Gamethread

    Anthem a bit touch and go I felt.
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    Going to LAAA in 2018 - Shohei Ohtani

    Ohtani should be able to DH for himself, playing two separate roles. Once he's taken out as a pitcher, he stays in as DH for the rest of the game.
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    Brian Scalabrine is Better at Basketball Than You

    As a bonus, having a shitty punter would encourage your team to punt less, which is probably in their interest anyway.