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    The Nepo Shuffle -- The 2021 World Chess Championship

    I'm a total patzer but I enjoy the game and I'm looking forward to following this thread. Chess is so uniquely suited to the Twitch/livestreaming era that it's like they were made for each other, and anyone who can give Carlsen a run for his money will be appointment viewing.
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    Cord Already Cut - Which/How Many Streaming Subs Do You Have and Why?

    1. Netflix 2. Hulu 3. Disney+ 4. ESPN+ 5. Amazon Prime 6. Peacock 7. Paramount+ 8. Criterion Channel 9. HBO Max 10. Shared account with my friend where we split the cost I'm also going to re-subscribe to Apple TV when Season 2 of Ted Lasso comes out this summer. So yeah, I'm easily...
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    New Euro Super league to be announced Sunday

    I'll be curious to see if any of these mutineer clubs will still face any sanctions from their domestic leagues or UEFA even after they pull out of the ESL. After all, they tried to torpedo the entire model of European professional football, and they would've gotten away with it too if it...
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    MLS Offseason 2020-21: TAM, GAM, Thank You Ma'am.

    First, I'll absolutely hang out with any Austin-based MLS fans. Second, I bought season tickets for Austin FC and I definitely feel sad that they won't have a home for two months, but I'm also glad that they'll have a ton of home matches in the latter part of this year when people will...
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    MLS Offseason 2020-21: TAM, GAM, Thank You Ma'am.

    The first few weeks of the schedule have been released. As a newly-minted fan of Austin FC, I'm a little disappointed (but not surprised) that the stadium won't be ready until June. I'd been hearing that there were some pretty major construction delays, so I'm glad that they're taking the time...
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    Joe Posnanski: Lord of Lists

    This is exactly where I am. I'm not excited about the upcoming season in the slightest. Truth be told, it's been almost a year since I've felt enthusiastic about anything whatsoever. But Posnanski writes about baseball with a joy that I find contagious, so I'm eager to see what he does with this...
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    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    In broadcasting news, Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access) has landed the English-language rights for the USMNT away qualifiers for 2022 (except for Mexico away, which was negotiated separately). On the one hand, it will be very nice to have a single rights holder (no more matches on sketchy...
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    MLS Offseason 2020-21: TAM, GAM, Thank You Ma'am.

    This took me a second until I remembered those Duolingo Portuguese lessons I took a bunch of years ago. Pretty clever from the Orlando City social media team.
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    The leagueth returneth

    Everton will be without Dominic Calvert-Lewin, who's got a hamstring injury. So Ancelotti's running out what looks like a 3-4-3 with Gylfi as a false nine? Maybe?
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    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    Welp, Berhalter's interest seems to have been rewarded. View: FIFA has granted @andresperea06's one-time change of association request to represent the USMNT.
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    MLS 2020: A Quarter Century of Soccer

    View: I'm sure that there is an explanation for this, and in the grand scheme of things it's probably a moot point because it sounds like Corona wants to go back to Liga MX, but this makes Austin FC look like fools. It also inadvertently...
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    Everton 20/21: The Little Girl With the Curl-o

    This is such a delightfully ridiculous accomplishment that I had to check fbref and yes, this is the first time in the Premier League era that Everton has beaten every London club on its schedule at least once in a season.
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    MLS 2020: A Quarter Century of Soccer

    As an inaugural Austin FC season ticket holder, I'm excited about this. Ring was mostly being played out of position as a winger last season and he was still able to put up 3.5 tackles and interceptions per 90, which are above average defensive numbers for any midfielder. If they give him the DM...
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    Americans Abroad, 2020-21: The Kids Are Alright

    Just this past week, the guys on the Total Soccer Show speculated that Mark McKenzie and Caden Clark could both get sold for more than Reynolds. This was before the Roma bid came out, but do you think that the transfer valuations of those three guys are roughly equal? And I guess more...
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    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    ESPN is reporting that Julian Araujo will be in the December camp too, though that’s a little less surprising since he was with the US U20s. He’s not eligible for Mexico as he doesn’t have a passport yet, but Tata Martino seems to want him pretty badly...