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    Rank Your In-Laws: Which BB Era SB Failure Hurts the Most After '07

    I’m going to be in a very small minority here, I think. 2017. I was certain they were going to beat PHI by 2 scores. They were going to coast—not necessarily a beat down, but the first of their SBs where it should never have been in question. Had ‘em all the way, until... I was crushingly...
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    Catching Saquon Barkley: Michigan Football 2018

    Disappointing start. I'm somewhat surprised by a couple of things: 1. After a long summer of hype about how much stronger, more cohesive, and assignment-smarter the OL would be with Warriner as their leader, that was easily UM's worst unit on the field vs. ND. 2. Defense got smacked around...
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    Urban Meyer Put On Administrative Leave

    Saint Urban's statement today (I reported properly) coupled with Zach Smith's interview (Gene Smith pulled me off the recruiting trail in '15 to investigate) would seem to lay the issue at Gene Smith's doorstep. Meyer may not get a full slate of games this year via some optically harsh but...
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    Urban Meyer Put On Administrative Leave

    The press release is already drafted "We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards, and strive to go above and beyond the minimum requirements in Title IX. Victims deserve the right to be heard and have their claims investigated in an expeditious and thoughtful manner. After a...
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    The Nation's Tears: Volume II

    He has a good sense of humor. I mean look at the crowd of Patriots in his face for not throwing a 15 yarder on Jack for his late hit on (and subsequent head slap of) James White after his TD run. Good natured guy.
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    Summer College Football News

    When a significant portion of that job involves promising parents that you'll (at the very least) take care of their son and help provide a good example of a positive male role model while he is away from home, that clause can be rather ponderous. The weight only increases when you spend a...
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    NFL pulls funding from CTE study ($16 million)

    If ESPN sticks to their guns on this, we may be looking at 16 Browns games on MNF next year.