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    10/22 AlCS Game 6– I’m Jose Melendez, and I’m starting this thread.

    Rembrandt’s “The prodigal son returns”. Edit - @jmcc5400 is correct. LFG!
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    Hold 'em or fold 'em - A Mookie free zone.

    DLowe was one who I hoped they would have kept, if just to not have to have signed either Clement or Wells for 05. Although it looks like They signed for 3 year deals while Lowe got a 4 year one at higher AAV. Edit: Wells was 2/18, Clement 3/25.5 while Lowe got 4/36 from Dodgers. So all about...
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    Bruins Prospect News and Notes

    They have their own network offering. $60 for the season or you can get 24hr passes for $7 if you want to just watch a game or 2.
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    Week 7

    You could buy a lot of falafel with those winnings.
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    Week 7

    Whoa. Great defending there
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    Week 7

    That was amazing. Egyptian god indeed. Edit- adding tweet w/ video View:
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    9/29 - The Gods Will Not Save You

    The father, son and Holy Ghost Is just somebody’s unholy hoax. View:
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    Travel team questions

    That’s great it’s going well now. Keeping it fun for kids at that age while they build skills is key. The winning helps at any age level.
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    Travel team questions

    Bumping this to see how your little guy and his team are doing @Devizier. We are 3 weeks in, and had a great game today for our first win.
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    9.24.21 Weekend In New England

    C’mon Nate. Mow these pricks down.
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    9.22.21 These Unis Are Driving Me Bananas!

    She's dressed in yellow, she says "hello Come sit next to me, you fine fellow!" You run over there without a second to lose And what comes next? hey, bust a move! win.
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    9.21.21 Time For Some Fall Ball