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    NFL News and Transactions

    Tell me you're tanking without telling me you're tanking View: View:
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    Houston @ Sox, June 8: Sending a Message.

    Martin read this, so he hit the next batter instead.
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    Houston @ Sox, June 8: Sending a Message.

    I think the Astors would've considered themselves Yankees, no? Perez is really going to eff up the bullpen if he doesn't make it at least 4 innings.
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    What Can/Should NY Do?

    He's had an OPS+ over 100 three times in his career -- 2016 and then 2019 and 2020 -- and this is his age 32 season. I think there's a very real chance the Yanks have seen the best of DJ at this point. He'll probably hit better than he's hitting now, but I wouldn't expect a repeat of the past...
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    Following Former Red Sox 2021 Edition

    In a 12-season career, his season in Boston was by FAR his worst -- he had an ERA+ of 68. The only other seasons he's had an ERA+ under 100 were his second year in the bigs, when he sucked for the MFY and then was lights-out for the Astros (he wound up with a 99 ERA+) and his first year in SF...
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    Following Former Red Sox 2021 Edition

    Daniel Bard hit 100.8 yesterday. View:
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    Sox @ NYY, June 6: Sweeping Them Into the Dustbin.

    I'd argue that using Workman in that spot was a bad idea in the first place.
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    NBA Top Shot

    A combination of the collector score requirement and a good Office Hours by the CEO has lit the market aflame. I was looking at a Durant yesterday for $160 that's now selling for over $300. Since it's not clear what the collector score requirements will be going forward, there may be a...
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    Sox @ NYY, June 4: Establishing Dominance.

    The MFY are lucky there weren't more people in the RF stands -- that would've hurt someone.
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    Brad Stevens: President of Basketball Ops

    1) Are they really kicking Zarren out? The guy's been touted as the next great GM for years. 2) You do not want your GM "easily connecting" with players. As already outlined above, a GM needs to be able to cut and trade guys ruthlessly. You can't do that if you've got close personal...
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    NBA Top Shot

    You can reserve a $14 playoff pack for a drop next Friday. I suspect you will not be able to make your $ back in the short-term with this pack. I haven't posted on TS lately because there wasn't much to say. The market has been on a steady decline for months and TS made mistake after mistake...
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    Brad Stevens: President of Basketball Ops

    Beyond his personal issues, Kidd has proven to be a back-stabber. There is no way an org in flux is bringing in a guy like that, unless they are asking for things to go terribly wrong. Edit -- can everyone PLEASE stop calling Stevens "the GM." He is NOT the GM and that is NOT the role of the...
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    Brad Stevens: President of Basketball Ops

    Thank goodness someone finally said this. The Warriors have Jerry West's Joe Lacob's kid as Director of Basketball Ops overseeing a real GM in Bob Myers. Stevens being DBO means Zarren is now up for a promotion to GM.
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    The Red Sox ARE good. So now what?

    The MFY are playing poorly and appear to have worse bullpen woes than the Sox. Houston has also been scuffling. The Sox can't end their seasons in June, but it's critical that they take advantage of catching two good teams on a downswing.
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    Are strikeouts ruining baseball?

    It's clear that a sizable number of pitchers are using a foreign substance to increase their spin rates. If MLB told the umps tomorrow to inspect every pitcher's glove, strikeouts would drop precipitously. But there is a risk to doing this, as pitchers' control likely would suffer if they can...