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    2022 US Open (Golf) - The Country Club in South Brookline, MA

    "Let's watch some golf here." What a brilliant idea, Mike! Also, I want to get my vote in. Fuck NBC!
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    Bruins Fire Cassidy

    Since I'm hoping the Celtics are in Miracle mode for the rest of the season, what about Herb Brooks? Small sample indeed.
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    6/3 @Oakland: A is for Awesome

    No NESN score bug for me either. I already avoid the DOB audio. Might need to sync Joe to the A’s TV.
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    6/1 Seeing Red(s)

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    5/29--Game 7, Celts at Heat

    Gator Al! MVP!
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    So we need another thread 05/20

    JBJ Power WATER!
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    There is a game and we need a thread 05/18

    Refreshing CG WATER!
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    Easiest SmartPhone To Use For a Novice

    Now with Bluetooth! On topic, my parents went from flips to iPhones when the iPhone 4 came out, no issues.
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    I love the smell of burning oil in the morning - The Formula 1 2022 season

    Martin Brundle’s grid walk was epic. Let‘s race!
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    R1 G1 @Hurricanes

    Sure does!
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    2022 COVID Impacts on the Team.

    Are you concussed? NESN is too cheap to send them on the road.