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    Will There Be MLB in 2020?

    Your beer is gonna get real warm, and 2021 will be the beginning of the end for this death defying crap sports organization. This will shrink the 40-60 demo that cares and good luck back filling it with the youngsters that hate the game that won't pick up it's fucking pace, all that requires...
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    Jaylen Brown re-signs for 4 years/$115 million

    Only took 25 years for MJ to sort of become a caring human and not a logo. Great! Kareem, Jalen, and so many others don't need this guy's "static"... when he's all in... he'll let us know, or maybe Nike will.
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    Our ownership group

    I'm all for sleep, but while I'm awake I'd prefer to limit the number of people being hit during this. The less people hit, the better. I'm also concerned about the timing of this. Makes me think there isn't much organizational optimism play will be resuming. Otherwise, why do this now?
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    Non-revenue college sports thread

    Under Title IX doesn't the scholarship availability have to mirror the gender makeup of the campus and isn't just a 50/50 split? At many universities women are pushing 60% of the student body and this had been putting pressure on athletic departments to drop men's sports and/or add women's...
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    2020 PGA Tour

    Bishop Pickering approves of these conditions.
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    2020 Raiders: Cleaning Up Las Vegas

    "Closer Than It Looks" is an understatement for the optical illusion called The Strip. The "walk" to the closest In-n-Out before they finally put one in the High Roller district was a pedestrian death wish... that was worth it.
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    RIP Roy Halladay

    E60 will take a closer look... here's a link to the trailer. Millions knew "Doc", few knew Roy. Here’s a first look at Imperfect: The Roy Halladay Story - Coming May 29th View:
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    2020 NFL Draft Game Thread

    No, getting the hell away from the Jaguars.
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    2020 NFL Draft Game Thread

    Yes, Montgomery , AL. There's a Jefferson Davis HS there too
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    RIP Roy Halladay

    The bridge connects St. Pete with Manatee County to the south. This is Skyway version 2.0. A barge crashed into supports for version 1.0 and caused a deadly collapse 40 years ago next month. At least Roy wasn't playing chicken with one of these during his low altitude high-speed pass through.
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    Who's your quintessential announcing duo for the games that count for each sport?

    I'd eliminate Nantz and go with Summerall for Golf and Enberg (with McGuire joining Packer) for NCAA hoops. The E/P/M trio might be the only one to come close to touching the success of MNF when it comes to 3-people in the "booth". I get the duo aspect of this, but Fowler (College Gameday...
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    2020 PGA Tour

    According to one of my students that works in marketing at JIA... there was still significant inbound Players related passenger traffic at the airport this week. Apparently, the baggage belts also take a beating thanks to all of the golf bags. Other than publicly announcing additional hand...
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    2020 PGA Tour

    There is already one confirmed case in St. John's County and given the minimal amount of testing data I'd assume there are more. With all of the VIP structures around the course (and pretty much every PGA Tour event now) there will be plenty of sardine can interaction for fans this weekend at...
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    Real Life Fantasy Golf - Following Rob

    I get the media releases for The Players and Rob wasn't listed in the current field (144) or the alternate list. Other than winning this weekend, is there a path to The Players for Rob?
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    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    The young and savvy demographic is going to win and I've already joined them. The need to play the quarterly earnings circus has the legacy and soon to be dead (not generating enough revenue to pay for programing like sports) distribution model focusing on getting the older cord cutters...