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    The Nation's Tears: Pink Stripes

    Brady and Gronk need to switch numbers stat.
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    2015 Jets: Back on Track

      Geno and his face may disagree with that characterization of it.
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    2015 Eagles: What the hell is going on here?!

    It's a two way street...Bradford probably thinks he can make significantly more money with a healthy, productive season in that Eagles offense this year.
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    Super Bowl 50: Painting the NFL Gold

    Early promotion for Super Bowl 50 means opening kickoff night is slightly different this year: no concert at Gillette.
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

      I'm sure CBS would be real excited about Brady missing the game in Dallas the week before.
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    2015 Seahawks: Our offense doesnt need Lynch, Graham or Rawls

    Two primetime games at home: Lions on MNF and Cardinals on SNF.
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    Blount suspended for 2015 season opener

    I forgot about that.   Will be pretty funny if the Steelers open up at Foxboro and both Blount and Bell are missing. I'd take that tradeoff.
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    Bill Belichick Simulator!

    I feel for anyone who gets stuck in the playbook mines.
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    2015 Offseason: Non-Revis Edition

    Jerod Mayo contract re-structure leverage.
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    Atlanta Under Investigation for Artificial Crowd Noise

    In 2016, too.   Also, the guy behind this was named Roddy White? That's awesome.
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    2015 Offseason: Non-Revis Edition

    Evans' base salary plus roster bonuses would amount to 7.3 million for 2015, which seems steep.
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    Thoughts about media types who don't have their own threads

    This is a good summation of it:
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    2015 Offseason: Non-Revis Edition

    That was reported right after the Super Bowl...I don't know why it's news again today.