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    RIP Tom Seaver

    Made sure to see him when with the Sox . In the seats right behind the bullpen. We got there early to see him warm up. It was amazing . The drive and intensity were surely felt 20 rows deep. To this day I can hear the grunt and see the dirt on his knee.
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    Pillar to Rockies for PTBNL, international slot money (UPDATE: Jacob Wallace)

    Spinal Tap and the Sox? I thought Egon said never to cross the streams? It would bad.
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    Game 5- Bruins vs. Bolts

    They might think twice??? Tried of open season . This year and last. Head shots and boarding. No punishment. Are the Bruins Angels? No. I skated for 35 years. Have not played in 10 plus years.Concussion. Hit from behind. I being the smaller player. It was deemed. That I put my self at risk. If...
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    Game 5- Bruins vs. Bolts

    Should have dressed Oglethorpe
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    Game 5- Bruins vs. Bolts

    Sorry lurker post here. Other than beating the Vancouver dream team. What have the Bruins done to deserve such brutal officiating? All the time for the last 9 plus years.
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    8/26: Game 3 - Ride the Lightning

    lurker post dump everything into the corners Find them and fix them get to their defense Les Habs were successful against the 70s and 80s Bruins with that game oh and they did have that kid Dryden
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    Ride the Lightning Remastered

    Wait I will take a stab at this. Bruins end up shorthanded because...... Brad
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    Caps @ Bruins

    I am a lurker. So I do not post very often. After all the posts about Jack and his commentary. Yes he is over the top. Then to have the same people call for old time hockey justice? At the very end of the game? Which one is it? Keep the officials accountable. It is not supposed to happen in...
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    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    It makes me queasy knowing that Craig Berube and Steve Ott get their names etched on the Cup. They rank right up there with Claude Lemieux and Ulf Samuelsson.
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    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    . What a ride! Awesome season! Did not end the way we all wished. I guess congrats to the Blues. To all you who post here thank you. It is a blast checking RMPS. Sleep well. We shall get thru this. Slainte
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    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    Bettman totally tone deaf. The Stanley Cup going back to St Louis?? Maybe going there for the first time??? What a idiot
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    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    Sending my bride to grab the stuff she wore watching the comeback against the leafs 2013. You other guys go get some nookie between periods 2-3
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    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    Lurker from 2003. Mostly RMPS. Sausage on the grill and adult beverages being consumed. LETS GO BRUINS1111
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    Game 2 - Bruins v. Canes

    Any recommendations for pre game by Garden?Living in Colorado. Haven't been down for a game in 20 years. Thoughts and prayers going your way Haunted.
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    Bruins at Red Wings 3/31

    No injuries? Compete and stay healthy. Second season coming up. Wings had nothing to lose.