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    Covid and MLB

    Ashevillian here; it's the Tourists, not the Travelers. The team recently launched an on-field pop-up restaurant where you can sit on a (distanced) picnic table on the basepaths and have ballpark food and beer. Fairly creative idea in the current circumstances in a great setting.
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    Wifi and plaster walls

    Thanks all for the responses, looks like Nest is the way to go. I'll gladly take the long term brain cancer risk if it means my kids' goddamn devices work while I get my work done.
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    Wifi and plaster walls

    I've moved into a new house recently, ~2,000 square feet across two floors. Getting a strong wifi signal to all areas has been surprisingly difficult, and there are also a number of dead zones. I have AT&T fiber and am using their router and range extender on the main floor (opposite ends of...