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    Koeman Feel the Noize: Everton 2016-17

    It doesn't help that Martinez will consistently play one winger. They have Mirallas, Deulofeu, and Lennon - all easily PL starter quality. Instead Cleverley (who is good) will play on the left wing. How they continue to leak goals astounds me.
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    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

    Are unsubscribed members still able to see Other Crap? If so, I haven't been able to.
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    SOSH EPL 2015/2016 - Let's get it on

    Joel Ward has been on my bench during both his big weeks.
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    NBC Retains EPL: 6 Years

    Lineker is not appearing on American TV the rest of the season to focus on work duties. Is he leading the BT Sport Champions League coverage? Also a way to view the UK version of MOTD on American television would be amazing, but if you're looking to watch it in a way that doesn't involve legal...
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    Everton 2015/16: Kenwright Out (Again)

    In: Villa savior Tom Cleverley, Barça's Gerard Deulofeu on a permanent transfer. Areas of concern are still cover at CB (Scott Dann from Palace) and a goalkeeper (Ospina?). It seems as though Arouna Kone will have to do as a backup to Lukaku. Out: Thankfully, Distin and Alcaraz. 4-0 against...
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    Arsenal 2014-2015: Ugh. Your banter stinks.

    Would you guys be willing to put Wilshere in that role next to Coquelin, or is that a lost cause at this point?
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    Most hated 11

    No keeper Johnson Pepe Terry Bardsley Old CR7 Henderson Phil Neville Suarez Balotelli Robben That's a horribly unbalanced team but I happen to like the Madrid version of Ronaldo. Dude can play.
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    2014-15 Europa League: Dammit

    Barry has been woeful most of the season. The fans got on Barkley over the festive period and he hasn't looked the same since. Even when playing well this team doesn't feel the same as last year, though Lukaku has already matched last year's scoring and is somehow already Everton's top European...
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    2014-15 Champions League: the Quixotic Quest to Qualify

    Guys, with City and Arsenal likely out of their respective ties, who's left flying the English flag in Europe?
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    Everton 2014-15: Not In The Face! (this time with Europa)

    *looks up promotion candidates in League One*
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    Everton 2014-15: Not In The Face! (this time with Europa)

    Gibson continues to progress after finally recovering, Lukaku is still scoring, and Europe at least has given us something to smile about. Not signing up Luke Garbutt would be criminal at the end of the season, he's ready to start for this team and Baines could be moved into a Lahm type role to...
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    Game Thread Feb 21 - Dog Days of Winter

    I'd rather have a currently MIA Jan Mucha now than Tim Howard. Horrible this season.
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    Everton 2014-15: Not In The Face! (this time with Europa)

    Gareth Barry actually playing well was the biggest shock of that match. And their goal would have been saved by Robles so I'm happy with the performance.
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    Everton 2014-15: Not In The Face! (this time with Europa)

    Gareth Barry may have jump started the season by having to miss the next two games. Worst thing Martinez has done as manager, signing him to a 3 year deal. And that includes continuing to play Ross Barkley on the wing.