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    David Ortiz in the NESN broadcast booth

    I'm of two minds about this. I always want more Papi in my life, and I would love to hear him opine about hitting mechanics while wearing well-tailored, bejeweled outfits. On the other hand, as others have noted, language could present an issue in a couple ways. He speaks English well for...
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    SOSH regresses to the mean. Or does it?

      Well, my experience is entirely with generativists and prescriptivism is pretty much counter to the basic tenets of generative linguistics.  That's not to say that people don't have their personal style preferences, but I have not encountered linguists who are grammarian preachers.
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    SOSH regresses to the mean. Or does it?

      I think this is the problem, though.  There is no former, less developed state.  He's certainly not going to get younger.  Explaining why he expects EdRo to get worse would require reference to a non-existent prior state.
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    SOSH regresses to the mean. Or does it?

    The fact that it follows a determiner tells us we can eliminate all non-nominal options.  That only leaves one choice.  (Yes, I know that you are making a funny.)
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    SOSH regresses to the mean. Or does it?

    When math geeks and English majors mingle, you end up with linguists.  We don't make anything clearer or better.  Also, we don't try to shoehorn language into some "perfect" state, nor do we regard language change as any kind of loss of communicative capacity. I think that the issue here is...
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    Should Pete Rose be reinstated?

      I don't see why we need to compare roster manipulation with betting.  The question isn't which is worse.  You have expressed the view that any activity that compromises the integrity of the sports product should be punished.   Purposefully fielding a subpar team affects competition and...
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    Should Pete Rose be reinstated?

      I don't think you're actually arguing against me.  I haven't once suggested that Rose should not have been punished.  Nor have I argued that gambling isn't a problem for organized sports, nor even that we should consider each case of gambling on its merits.  The issue I have is with his being...
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    Should Pete Rose be reinstated?

      But it isn't actually true that it "[struck] at the integrity of the game" in Rose's case.  All the proof (and the on-field performance) indicate that, despite his addiction, his ego and his belief in his own skill drove him to play to the best of his abilities.  There is only some unfulfilled...
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    Should Pete Rose be reinstated?

      It's something like banning an alcoholic.  It's an addiction.  Like other addictions, the associated activity is countermanded by MLB rules (e.g. suspensions/bans for "drugs of abuse").  The punishment is more severe because of the history of gambling in the sport, and it probably seems more...
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    Red Sox Bullpen 2015

          What's the evidence for this?  Because he sucked on June 4th?  His K% and BB% are slightly off his career numbers, but still fine (and he's only thrown 19 innings so far).  He's blown two saves in 15 chances.  It's not like he's losing lots of games.  He certainly doesn't belong in the...
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    Bogaerts Bat

      I guess this narrative is here to stay.  Wasn't the problem that Middlebrooks wasn't any good?  Wasn't Drew the option that was available for cash and was (ostensibly) a known quantity?  I don't have any interest in defending that set of moves by the FO, but I have a hard time believing that...
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    David Ortiz writes for the Players Tribune

      In the last handful of seasons, 40 players have been suspended for failed tests (see lists here).  Fourteen players were suspended as a result of the Biogenesis scandal.  Fourteen is not "the vast majority" of forty.     Your argument boils down to this: (1) you think that many players are...
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    Yankee Patch Kids: The Final Month of the Jeter Era

    It's a fitting tribute... to wear a patch honoring himself.  Yeah, Jetes.
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    Rate the Broadcasts: Baseball

    I certainly understand the hate for the ever-bumbling Don and Jerry, as well as the attempt to make them part of the "show", and the non-stop parade of sponsored onscreen falderol.  However, I find the actual announcers easy to tune out as long as there aren't "visitors" who I am supposed to...
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    The 3, 4 and 5 Spots

    Is Napoli not a masher?  Napoli's SLG (.450) is basically the same as Cespedes' (.456).     ...I guess I should direct this question to Ortiz, if what Hee Sox Choi says is correct.