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    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    The problem with saying stuff like this, and the whole "Girldad" thing, is the subtext that before you had daughters you didn't really see women as people. I realize that's almost certainly not what you're trying to say here- but what does "improve your perspective" actually mean? And the idea...
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    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    Not even forgive! People here losing their minds that luckysox dared bring it up. Like he accident stole a soda one time or something.
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    Caleb Hannan and the question of ethical journalism

      I'm pretty sure no one is saying that we can't or shouldn't report on misdeeds or crimes done by transgendered people.  The point is that all too often these cases are reported on as though the individual's status as a trans person is a MAJOR element of the story, instead of something that is...
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    Caleb Hannan and the question of ethical journalism

      Hannan even uses the word "snipped" at one point in regards to the "fraud."     He was probably pretty pleased with himself for that line.    It's just a cold, cold article.  I don't think that Hannan is responsible for killing Dr. V, but his inability to empathize with her within his article...
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    Report: A-Rod banned through 2014?

       Sorry Joe, I have to disagree too.  I think that ARod may be legitimately angry, but everything about that whole situation, including the outburst, was staged.  The guy just does not react like normal people do.  He's got good PR and they came up with a good scheme. 
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    Rookie hazing & bullying: Miami guard Incognito indefinitely suspended

      Disagreeing with someone on an internet message board isn't bullying.  Even if every poster on SOSH commented in this thread telling sodenj5 that they think he's wrong, and even if some of them insulted him, it's still not bullying.    Social media can be used as a tool to bully someone, but...