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    9.21.21 Time For Some Fall Ball

    Where has Schwarber’s power gone? Long time, passing. Where has Schwarber’s power gone? Long time, ago. Where has Schwarber’s power gone? Gone to Dalbec, every one. When will they ever learn? When will they e ver learn?
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    9/5/2021 - The Utility Men

    When he was good, He was very good indeed, But when he was bad he was horrid.
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    8/29, 1 pm - vs. Cleveland

    Vladimir and Estragon.
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    8/27 - Why didn’t they just go with The Spiders?

    Evidently Eck employs euphemisms.
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    8/11: Argh. Just... Argh.

    Joe Schultz is also the person who found out what "nihilism" means: Another [Steve] Hovley story. He was standing by the clubhouse man’s tobacco shelf opening up a can of snuff. (Just wanted to try it, he said later.) Joe Schultz walked by wearing nothing but a towel around his waist and...
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    8/4: Hometown vs. Motown

    It's a stage name. How about Donald "Buck Farmer" Rosier, lead guitarist of Blue Oyster Cult?
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    7/29 Tick, tick, tick ...

    Is there some kind of weird Bitcoin thievery bet going on here -- if neither the MFY nor the Sox score, and the aggregate margin of defeat goes over 30, someone gets $5 trillion in cryptocurrency?
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    7/20/21 @ Blue Jays - Richards vs Hatch - 7:07 pm

    For people who might like to follow along with Chris Sale's rehab appearance in Portland, it's on, at,game_tab=,game=645585 It might be bad luck to mention what he's done through three, so I won't...
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    7/10 Moore vs Perez

    "Bailey Falter" sounds like the Harvard pitcher who would give up the game-winning home run to Frank Merriwell's Yale Bulldogs.
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    6/11- Stripling vs. Richards. Too many former Dodgers

    How the heck did Richards get out of that inning with just one run? a) Clutch, clutch pitching under pressure b) Blind luck c) Both
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    Sox @ NYY, June 5: Putting Them in Their Place.

    Would you put Torres on and pitch to the debutant, bases loaded, double-play depth?
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    Sox @ NYY, June 4: Establishing Dominance.

    Is "Michael King," the Evil Empire's starting pitcher, an opener?
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    5/14- Pivetta notches his 6th win of the season with convincing performance against the Angels

    "Blown save" is a real statistic. Is there such a thing as a "blown hold"?
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    5/12 The Sox, No Longer Confused, Crush A's

    Come on, Kaprielian. You were picked #16 overall. Just throw it down the middle and see what happens.
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    April 27, 2021 CE someone is playing the Sox...

    Since when have the Mets been batting their pitcher eighth and batting a position player ninth? If you were Pillar, batting ninth, wouldn't you take it as an insult? is this some sort of attempt to get leadoff hitter Lindor going? His .203 average is headed towards the Mendoza Line.