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    2019 NFL: News & Transactions

    Hopefully the Dolphins are so bad this year that the Pats can win in Miami for once.
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    That'd be up the butt, Bob - Kraft Charged with Soliciting.

    "This system is encrypted with a truly random key the same length as the encrypted data! ... Okay, I'm in."
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    2019 NFL: News & Transactions

    But he seems to not be able to run a route to save his life. Even with Brady throwing him the football and a lack of WR on their roster, his numbers were pedestrian. A whopping 21 catches. For his $10m, he should send BB Christmas cards for the rest of his life.
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    SB53: Pats vs. Rams Buildup

    The Rams play 3 wide, but we're talking here about how to stop the run. So maybe we see the base defense with 3 corners. Takes a safety off the field, but keeps the front 7 stout. We could also see the big nickel, but Chung or McCourty would have to cover a WR.
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    R-Dub: Time Lord, Tantalizing Sleeper, or Just a Late Flier?

    How in the world does his agent not make sure he's on the plane or the conference call or whatever?
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    2018 NBA offseason thread

    The Celtics, with him, would be favored over GSW. But so would the Rockets with him.
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    Why do you want to trade Scary Terry?

    Al Horford won't last forever. When he declines, the Celtics won't have the cap space to replace him with money. So, they'll need to develop a young player who can replace him if they want to extend their window. To me, every move the Celtics make should be with this goal over the next few years.
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    Jaylen or Tatum?

    They're both wings drafted at #3, and SoSH hated them both (I'm overgeneralizing) for very different reasons. Jaylen was a jump-out-of-the-gym athlete who had a high upside, but a high bust potential as well. A guy who hadn't put it all together yet. Tatum was polished and had a high floor...
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    Tom vs. Time

    I'm not Brazilian. I'm of English descent, born and raised in Maine. I kiss my kids on the mouth every day, and think it would be much more strange not to. They're my kids!
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    Tom vs. Time

    I don't think that anyone thinks the stretching stuff is snake oil. Stretching is good for you. Hydration is good for you. People like Hightower probably do lift too much. It's the tomatoes thing, for instance, which is bullshit. It's not all or nothing.
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    The Patriot of the Week Thread: Divisional Round vs Titans

    Echoing this. Rowe's big plays were great open filed tackles.
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    Kyrie Irving: Hardwood Magician

    The surprise has been his defense. Didn't expect him to lead the league in steals.
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    2017 Celtics Offseason: News and General Discussion

    Danny Ainge did more positively for IT's earnings than he did negatively. What kind of contract would he have been looking at if the Celtics trade never happened? It's not Ainge's fault IT got hurt.
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    Jaylen Comments on the Trade

    The Research Triangle has a small tech scene, that's true. But the Bay Area has a tech scene that is about the size of the rest of the country combined. Cal is closer to NC in terms of basketball than NC is to Cal in tech.
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    How to stop the tankathon

    Does it not lessen the product to have teams that are just plain bad? Does it not lessen the product to have teams with no path to improving? Bad teams need a way to get better. Some viable path. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using SoSH mobile app