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    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    The US squad isn’t finishing well, obviously, but otherwise I’ve been really impressed. Their passing has generally been really crisp, they’re maintaining possession well, defending really well, avoiding ridiculous blunders that I’ve watched former US WC squads make for years. They look like...
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    World Cup Dy 5 11/24: Thankful for even more football!

    That was a bad call to give Portugal a penalty there.
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    NYT’s BB’s and K’s

    7/7. To be fair though I’m pretty sure this is easier than in real life, particularly because you’re not blocked by the catcher. Nevertheless some of those missed calls are absolutely brutal on the replay.
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    Happy Yankees Elimination Day!

    It was like 20 years ago and they’re all new players. I’m not saying it would be particularly helpful but I don’t think it’s worth Michael Kay’s over the top meltdown.
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    Guardians vs. Yankees ALDS Thread

    No YED today.
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    McAdam: Red Sox owners have met with Xander Bogaerts more than once in recent weeks to kickstart contract negotiations.

    I could be wrong but I think bankshot is sarcastically referencing the lowball offer the Sox gave Jon Lester. Edit: Jim Ed Rice beat me to it
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    September MLB Game Thread

    Trout ends the season at .999 OPS and 40 homers, despite missing significant time to injury and playing just 119 games. Dude’s a machine.
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    Albert Pujols Watch

    He should just play another year, seems like he’s rediscovered something with the Cards and he’s got a bit left in the tank.
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    Forget Bolf, Let's Talk Frolf: The Disc Golf Thread

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    Robo strikezone: Not as simple as you think -- Baseball Prospectus

    I feel like challenges would be so frequent and put such a spotlight on umpires’ frequent blown calls that they would never go for it. Just go full robots.
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    Forget Bolf, Let's Talk Frolf: The Disc Golf Thread

    I’m originally from Holden and spent a couple summers like 15 years ago playing disc golf at Maple Hill and Pyramids across the street —had no idea I was playing on such an esteemed course. Haven’t played in years; I still have a bag of innova discs somewhere…
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    Red Sox Trade Deadline 2022

    Maybe they really don’t like Vaz’s game calling and receiving skills and think they can improve the pitching staff with someone else behind the plate, and Vaz’s good year with the bat made this a prime opportunity to sell high. I dunno.
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    20220723 - Hey! It's Archer's First Game Thread Start! or Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures!!

    There is an idea of a Jarren Duran, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real him, only an entity, something illusory, and though he can hide his cold gaze and you can shake his hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense your lifestyles are probably comparable: he...
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    We're back!

    what’s he saying?
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    We're back!

    maybe this is a .500 team