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    Ime Udoka suspended for the 22-23 season

    I’m still trying to figure out what precipitated this process being put into motion. How was the relationship discovered and why so much time between the leak and the announcement? It could have been because the separation agreement was taking extended time, but I’m also wondering if a law suit...
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    5/29--Game 7, Celts at Heat

    High-end drugs
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    5/29--Game 7, Celts at Heat

    Udoka lurking for his interview that (surprisingly) never came..
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    5/29--Game 7, Celts at Heat

    That was my thought as well. Just expecting a foul regardless of the level of contact.
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    Red Sox in season discussion

    I had a similar reaction. If you're Freeman, I would think that you'd have to assume that your time with Tampa would be temporary and there's a high likelihood that they try to move you within a few years to gain payroll relief/prospects. I'm sure a no-trade clause would alleviate some of my...
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    Tom Brady retires

    The TB12 brand Tweet is a little (a lot) weird. I would have thought the company would have coordinated it with the “inner circle”
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    Tom Brady retires

    It’s because when you watched him play, he didn’t look like a 44 year old out there. I get it. I know that the relationship had likely gone it’s course and the timeline really didn’t matter anyway, but given how well he’s played, I wish Bill/Kraft had found a way to get the 2-year deal done...
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    ALCS 2021: Red Sox vs. Astros Discussion Thread

    Good to read that I'm not alone re: Flemming. Hearing Sean McDonough leading the call was a bit of relief last night. On another note, do Flemming and Joe Castiglione have a minor rift? I've been listening to the playoff games. On more than a handful of occasions, Flemming would pose...
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    Red Sox 2021 Season Predictions

    I was thinking the same thing reading page one. The early part of the thread really exemplifies how people (in general) “shift the fences” as time goes on. This season would have been a success by most everyone’s expectations at the beginning of the season.
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    Worcester Red Sox unveil a second mascot: a dog named Woofster

    Paws would eat that dog alive.
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    Trade deadline

    Who is not to be confused with the esteemed attorney…
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    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom club

    That's a good point. Felger was also saying that was the game where Brady seemed particularly agitated and it was also the game where he lost track of the downs. Maybe he feels more comfortable telling that story in a year where he wins the Super Bowl.
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    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom club

    Felger thought it was the Bears. Gasper reported that the Bears were in at one point and then bailed. Mitch would fit the “That M-Fer” criteria.
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    2021 US Open- Torrey Pines

    Granted it was a long time ago, but when I was working for the USGA, parts of the North Course were used as a staging area for our operations team.