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    5/23-Game 5 Bruins @ Capitals

    Ugh. Who was that on??
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    5/19- Game 3 Capitals @ Bruins

    At least they didn’t see the Marchand one, either.
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    Game 6 - Bruins @ Blues

    Could Binnington have been more out of position?
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    Game 6 - Bruins @ Blues

    Binnington was just lost on that one. Looking forward to Wednesday!
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    Game 6 - Bruins @ Blues

    PSK said Binnington was no good.
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    Game 6 - Bruins @ Blues

    Average length of Bruins offensive possession: 18 seconds. Average length of Blues offensive possession: 3 minutes 20 seconds.* *- math may not be 100% accurate. But hey, whatever works!
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    Game 6 - Bruins @ Blues

    Can’t hit them. Got it.
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    Game 6 - Bruins @ Blues

    They did say something like, “...makes that an easy call. Most of the time.” Not enough irony for my taste, but I think he realized the hypocrisy in the comment.
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    Game 6 - Bruins @ Blues

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    Game 6 - Bruins @ Blues

    The replay on that is going to be interesting
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    MLB Draft Thread - 2017

    Is there any scenario where you'd want/be okay with the Sox taking Heimlich? Does any team take him??
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    2016 NBA Draft Game Thread

    I'm a UVA guy, but I'd love to keep watching Malcolm Brogdon with the Celtics...
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    Super Bowl 50 Game Thread

    Ginn saw no point in getting tackled on that one.
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    NCAA Football 2015: Week 10 Discussion

    Missouri's African-American football players say they just went on strike until the school president resigns/is fired. Racial problems at the school, apparently.