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    Gronk announces his retirement

    True greatness is a special thing to witness. We've been very fortunate to have so many cases over the years, Gronk being very high on the list. Thanks for everything, Gronk.
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    The Game Ball Thread: SB vs Atlanta

    If I'm forced to just one game ball, it goes to Jules for that unbelievable catch. We finally have our own, and it's the best. Sometime in the third quarter, I started to hear Rudy Tomjanovich's voice in my head, from that old, iconic and immortal clip- "Don't ever underestimate the heart of a...
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    Post Your Favorite Johnny Most Lines Here

    Johnny's spot was indeed up on the third level. For the entire Bird era I had season tickets about mid-way up in the first balcony, right opposite the Celtics bench. I used to look across and up at Johnny all the time. He was always in that same spot. After he passed, there was a framed mic...
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    NFL officiating

    It also looks as if he pushes Chung right below his left armpit- this is the movement of his shoulder and arm, right before the further turn of the shoulder with Chung's hand. Chung's left leg goes up as his body is shoved. At least that's what I see. This call could also have been called OPI.
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    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

    Advice on how to fix the fuzziness and have the whole avatar pic show in the frame would be greatly appreciated.
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    So. Many. Diamonds.

      Agreed. Thanks for posting that link. There are some segments on youtube which were posted earlier in this thread but they are missing a lot of the content.
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    So, how did you spend your month?

      I would argue that there is no such thing- only varying degrees of awesome. But I know what you mean of course, and agree.     It's linked to in the "links" thread- and I think it's the best video of the play, hands-down. It shows the best view of the play from start to finish and how he broke...
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    So. Many. Diamonds.

    Anyone have the Superbowl turning point video they can put up somewhere? That's the one I still haven't been able to see in full. For some reason the youtube members who have posted segments of it left out the final part.
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    So. Many. Diamonds.

      There were also a couple of tracks from Tron Legacy which I thought were very well-chosen.   Great video- thanks for posting it up, guys. I wouldn't have seen it otherwise.
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    The Game Ball Thread: Kiss the Ring

    On NFL Network just now they showed sideline footage of the coaches realizing what was happening in terms of Seattle's personnel, and making signals and the substitution to send Butler in. "Malcolm, GO!!!" and Butler runs in. Really cool to see that.
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    Stuart Scott and his cancer

    Hit me a lot harder than other recent losses. He will be sorely missed.
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    Jets: Legitimate Gripe or LOL Boo Hoo?

      Has anyone seen this called against anyone in any game since then? I know I haven't.
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    NLCS on Fox Sports 1

    I was just listening to Mad Dog Radio about an hour ago and Russo was reeling off some numbers. I believe he said last night's game had 3.9 million viewers- the lowest ever for the NLCS.
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    Ray Lewis and Monday Night Football Crew

    I saw that coming, and changed the channel. I'm not going to sit and listen to that bullshit, from that....person.
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    Help! I'm a new iPhone user.

    1. For me it's a lot, but I'm a very low-power user. I don't watch videos or stream anything. AFA tracking usage, in your settings/cellular option it will track your total data usage- wifi does not count. You reset this on your monthly "re-start" date.