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    can we debate the kemp catch

    I thought it was a catch at the time but after seeing this I don't think so anymore. If you watch the top of the square it moves as the ball goes by and the ball changes direction before it reaches the glove.
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    powershell help

    try $startdate=gci e:\backup\sosh\db | sort LastWriteTime | select -last 1 | select -ExpandProperty LastWriteTime $difference = New-TimeSpan -Start $startdate $what-nip-wants = $difference.TotalHours
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    wireless mirroring to a new "Smart" TV

    If the TV supports "Miracast" It is built into Windows 8.1/10 and later versions of Android, not sure if the Nexus 9 supports it though.
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    NFL Ends Tax-Exempt Status

    Because they didn't understand the situation. "the nfl is exempt from paying taxes" sounds really bad until you find out most pf the money flows through the teams which do have to pay taxes.
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    ALCS gamethread Royals vs. O's is available
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    ALCS gamethread Royals vs. O's

    Did ripken just say he doesn't buy into it being easier to hit a homerun in Camden yards than Kauffman stadium?
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    A's @ Royals AL Wild Card Game Thread

    The game is tomorrow.
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    Exchange to Google Apps Problem

    Do you have an edge mail server that Exchange sends outgoing mail through? Maybe it is still set to send the Google Apps domain back to Exchange?
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    Time wasting for Geeks (and Nerds)

    Throw in Ars Technica and that is most of my general tech related reading, mostly through feedly.
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    Round 2: Bruins vs. That Team Up North

      I think they are actually 14-1 with the one loss being against Carolina in 2009. 
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    Catch-all NFL Media Thread

      I mostly agree, but him doing the game highlights at halftime was painful.  Of course the real question is why james brown is throwing it to the former coaches and players to do the highlights at all.
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    Why, for the love of all that is, are files still packed in .r01 etc files?!

    You don't need to bother extracting it, a lot of media players will play the files directly (xbmc, vlc, mpc-hc, etc)
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    Canadian and US Olympic Teams Begin to Take Shape

    Does anyone know of a breakdown of Olympians by NHL team?  The Google has failed me.
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    League Considering Seeding Playoffs by Record

    Off the top of my head I believe right now any two teams in a division will have 12 common opponents plus the two head to head games so you have a lot of information to determine who is the better team but two teams in different divisions in the same conference may have as little as two common...