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    Music Library Software Recommendation

    Awesome, thanks!
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    Music Library Software Recommendation

    I've got an extensive CD collection that I'm slowly converting to FLAC and wish to move from Windows to my Android phone. I've been using the free version of MediaMonkey and it hasn't been great recently. Before I pay for the full version of MediaMonkey, does anyone have some suggestions? I...
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    NBA GOAT discussion

    As for how Bill Russell would be in 2020, he'd be roughly the same size as Dwight Howard, but with a higher basketball IQ, and MUCH more competitive. Wouldn't that make him a cornerstone on a competitor? I'm thinking like Draymond Green. And going back in time, how good would guys like Harden...
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    NBA GOAT discussion

    As for Kareem, I'm too young to remember him playing. So, I've only seen his play against the Celtics in replays of the Finals. He's okay in those games. But, if there was available footage of him putting up 40 a game on the Bucks, I think he'd be better remembered. Some nice curated highlight...
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    NBA GOAT discussion

    I wonder if this is due to two things. 1. Too recent to be mythologized like the players from the 60s. 2. No TV footage on NBA TV and YouTube. It's the reason Kareem doesn't get as much respect.
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    The Last Dance

    A few observations: 1. Jordan's story isn't very interesting. I read a biography on Jimi Hendrix and got the same feeling. Jordan was maniacal about basketball. Jimi was maniacal about the guitar and drugs. There's not much else to say. 2. I think Krause is the most interesting character and he...
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    Thank You , Kevin Garnett

    Walton wore 5, won a ring with the C's, and is in the hall of fame. Shouldn't they both be recognized. Or was Walton's tenure too short?
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    2/3 Celtics visit Hawks

    The stadium sound effects are insufferable.
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    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    No one asked and not one will likely care, but here I go. This isn't my best writing and it's disjointed: Kobe's death reminds me why God said don't worship false idols. We're all human, even the most famous of us. No matter how revered Kobe is, he did something truly terrible. From reading...
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    1/22 Eff the Grizzlies

    Green always gets to the rim. Hell of a sequence!
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    1/20 Eff the Lakers

    Commercial break is so long I forgot what's going on in the game.
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    1/18 vs Suns

    Looks like Kemba and Jaylen are out, per John Karalis on Twitter.
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    1/9 76ers

    Losing streaks suck.
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    1/9 76ers

    Is this time out to squeeze an extra commercial break in before the bottom of the hour?
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    Week 2 Game Thread

    Having family from the Cleveland area, I want them to do well, but it's hard if they have so many late hits. Also, makes me respect the Patriot's on-field discipline.