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    Red Sox acquire Kyle Schwarber

    I kind of thought they were going to take Hosmer and his terrible contract off SD's hands, especially after SD made all those other moves. He's a league average hitter, which is like 25% better than what we've been throwing out there, and still good defensively, and we probably could've had him...
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    David Ortiz on the mend: shooting and recovery

    I am going to watch this 1000x until I hear definitively that he is okay.
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    Sox re-sign Steve Pearce

    I would've been happy if they paid him $6.25m just like as a "thank-you." Like, just: "Hey Steve, here's six million two hundred fifty thousand dollars. You're the best! Love, John Henry."
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    Best 2018 Red Sox postseason moments

    It isn't nearly as important as some of these other moments, but Sale's strikeout of Turner leading off the 9th yesterday was incredible. I've seen a lot of Dodger games, and Turner is an incredible hitter -- unbelievable eye, great bat control, always has a plan. Sale fooled him so badly on...
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    can we debate the kemp catch

    It's a perfect optical illusion. If you watch the video and keep your eyes on his glove, the ball appears to go directly into the glove. If you keep your eyes on the spot right above his glove, it appears to hit that spot and then deflect into his glove. You can utterly convince yourself of...
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    Everyone on the Yankees is the Same (OPS-wise)

    UPDATE: With Hicks and Judge homering tonight, the Yankees now have FOUR players with exactly 27 HR. Hicks Didi Judge Andujar
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    Everyone on the Yankees is the Same (OPS-wise)

    Up to the Minute OPSes, Yankee Regulars: Torres: .832 Gregorius: .832 Stanton: .830 Hicks: .833 Andujar is at .851. This is important and deserves its own thread.
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    Andrew Benintendi Can't Hit Middle-Middle

    It's residue of my pre-2004 anxiety, that I have now concluded will never leave my psyche.
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    Andrew Benintendi Can't Hit Middle-Middle

    It's anecdotally been the case for a while now, but the season-long numbers are stark, and bizarre. You want to get Andrew Benintendi out? Throw the ball right down the middle of the plate, thigh-high. Want to essentially guarantee you get him out? Throw a fastball down the middle of the...
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    What’s it all about, Rafi?

    I know errors aren't everything, but the team has 45 and he now has 18 of them. He also dropped a seemingly catchable pop foul that then was followed by a homer. His defense is rough, and without the offense, it's been a dicey half season.
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    ALDS (BOS/HOU) series discussion thread (GM1@4:08PM, GM2@2:05PM)

    The 8th hitter in Houston's line-up had an .878 OPS and 22 HR. This might be a long series.
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    Every Single Hitter Is Hitting Worse Than He Did in 2016

    Update, with 2 games left: OPS+, 2017 vs. 2016 C Leon -52 (worse than when the thread started) 1B Ramirez -32 (w) 2B Pedroia -16 (w) SS Bogaerts -16 3B Holt -49 (37 OPS+ in 162 AB) LF Benintendi -14 (w) CF Bradley -28 (w) RF Betts -26 4th OF Young -35 (w) So, every regular from last year's...
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    Stretch Run 2017: is the glass half full or that other thing?

    They're too hurt and too weak up and down their line-up for me to believe they have any real shot in October. The Yankees and Indians are peaking, the Astros offense is absurd...the only team I'd say I feel confident against right now is the Twins, but even that is a dicey proposition when you...
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    Mourning the Designated Hitter

    Hanley has a 93 OPS+ and a -0.2 oWAR. Farrell insists on hitting him 4th whenever he is in the line-up. At this point, I genuinely hope he is hurt and can't make the postseason roster. The team will be better off.
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    Stretch Run 2017: is the glass half full or that other thing?

    This team has been smoke and mirrors all year, and I fear that right at the end, here, the smoke is clearing and the mirror is cracked.