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    Jarren Duran: Improving in His Second Shot

    Do you know what am echo chamber is? Given that multiple posters before you said this was foolish, this is not an echo chamber.
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    Brady is back….back again

    Tom Brady can go wherever he wants, and I don't care. I'll still love him.
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    Washington Football Team is now the Washington Commanders

    He loves that he's an American and free to express himself, but of course he was unhappy with people kneeling for the anthem.
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    How to get back in this thing

    Ahh. Didn't see there were two links from mobile.
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    How to get back in this thing

    Don't need to go back that far. Braves were 30-35 last year.
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    Red Sox trivia

    I thought that too.
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    ECF Game 1 at Miami: Revenge Tour Stop #3

    The trainer motioned for water as he was walking off the court with timelord.
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    Celtics vs. Bucks, Round 2 Discussion

    The Lakers had home court against the Celtics in the 2010 finals. They split the first two, battled back and won one on the road, then lost game 5 at home. Do you remember what happened in that series?
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    SoSH Golf, 2022

    We went to Silverado, McCormick Ranch (Palms?) and Papago. Cost was the main driver, as we didn't want to pay $600 for both of us to golf 18 holes. Papago was probably my favorite of those 3, and we were bummed we hit it on the day we were flying out. It is a great spot to hang out and grab a...
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    NFL: News and transactions

    The Raiders had three first round picks that year. None of those players had their fifth year option picked up.
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    Patriots select OG Cole Strange

    These are my thoughts as well. The guy that might have drafted the best QB in last year's draft at 15 needs to be replaced because of this pick. Ok?
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    SoSH Golf, 2022

    That bag is amazing. I didn't even care about golfing. Just enjoyed gliding it through the airport. My wife bought the cheapest one she could find on Amazon for her clubs. I was of course stuck hauling that while she coasted my bag along.
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    April MLB Game Thread

    Mike trout trying to figure out what's going on. View:
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    4/8 Opening Day in the Toilet

    I thought it was that his feet didn't move. Just a pair of shoes sitting there.