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    2019 Game Goat Thread: Wk. 14 vs Chiefs

    The line judge has sideline responsibility and the field judge covers goal line. The field judge should always be looking to the line judge before indicating a score to make sure the play is inbounds. Looks to me like the line judge didn't keep the sideline (for whatever reason) and was asking...
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    Wide-Eyed Receivers: Pats Rookie WR Discussion

    Disappointed that this thread is not about Reche Caldwell.
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    Ping Pong Luck: If not the Celtics...

    2nd try #2 + #10, yes please
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    SB53: Pats vs. Rams Buildup

    We throw sideline warnings frequently in high school but when was the last time you saw this infraction in an NFL game? Professional get-back coaches do their job!
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    Crackback blocks

    I believe all blocks below the waist outside of the LOS are illegal. 'Crackback' is actually an outdated term. They are now using illegal blind-side blocks which fall under the same 'defenseless player' protections that keep receivers from being popped while making a catch. This coincides with...
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    The Game Ball Thread: Wk 8 vs Dolphins

    This is correct. He waived the return off which means nothing officially. He can waive his hands down low and then still field the ball if he was so inclined.
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    Pressure gauges with built-in temperature correction exist, albeit more expensive than your average sports supply gauge. This has to be the long-term answer right? Whomever wrote the rule concerning pressure should have considered temperature simultaneously. It's physics 101.
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    2015 Jets: Back on Track

    Check out Idziks wiki...,_Jr.   John Isadick Jr...   Edit: its been changed back and its not relevant to 2015 anyway.
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    wifi dropping in and out / signal strength very weak

    Bumping for related issue-   Does anyone know if there is a limit to the length of run for a cat cable from my modem to a WAP? I may have to run a cable down into my basement, through a crawlspace and the run will be well over 100' of cable. Should I be worried about attenuation?   Also, can...
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    Inbox by Google

    Any kind souls with an extra invite? dustin.dulac @ gmail.
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    So, I can't find my hotspot.

    Yup that's pretty much what I was trying to say upthread. Very annoying.
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    So, I can't find my hotspot.

    Not much to add here except to say that I have a 5S on Verizon and my wifi hotspot can be tricky and it takes a while to get recognized by my wifi iPad. Sometimes I convince myself that the order of operations is important ie wifi on, then hotspot on, etc. but its probably confirmation bias. I...
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    Wifi Problems in Old House

    When speaking to the Amped Wireless tech support they suggested getting a better modem and router also. He also noted that the comcast equipment doesn't broadcast 5.0 ghz - could this be a factor? Can anyone recommend the best available modem and router for my situation or Will almost any...
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    Wifi Problems in Old House

    The house has had 2 additions since it was built and I've only had occasion to open one wall that was insulated with newspaper from 1918. I'm fearful of the faraday cage effect. The other problem is that I commute for work and I'm never home enough to run it to ground. Meanwhile my wife freaks...
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    Wifi Problems in Old House

    The installer said it was fine but no, not really. Are you for hire?