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    BA: MLB is targeting an international draft, as soon as 2020. w/ hard caps, rotating top picks

    I suppose you are right. At least it makes sense, and makes the whole process more transparent for all parties involved. On another note, what must be analysed is the amount of 13 year olds in the DR and Venezuela who are dropping out of school and training full time at private "academias" in...
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    BA: MLB is targeting an international draft, as soon as 2020. w/ hard caps, rotating top picks

    The self righteousness implied by even thinking about an international draft is appalling. What rights does any MLB franchise have over a young man from Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Venezuela or even Dominican Republic, for that matter? They will never be able to uphold their rights over a...
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    The Alex Cora Difference

    I totally agree. In addition, in a nutshell last night's press conferences by both managers clearly show us the differences between Cora and other head coaches. Roberts literally threw Hill under a bus, justifying his decision of taking him out of the game because Hill had told him "to keep...
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    Alex Cora named Red Sox manager

    A few years back Craig came to share his knowledge with us at the Spanish Coach Convention. I was lucky enough to work very closely with him as I was assigned to be his translator. I am totally convinced he will be a great addition to the Sox coaching staff. He is extremely hard working and...
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    Gabe Kapler will be the Phillies next manager

    I have been involved with professional baseball since 2001. Hence, I cannot disclose my sources for obvious reasons, so you can take what I say with a grain of salt, or not. In any case, if you would like a bit of insight into how Gabe Kapler presents himself publicly, you may wish to have a...
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    Gabe Kapler will be the Phillies next manager

    The Red Sox know Gabe Kapler very well, as is the case with Alex Cora. They chose the latter. Thank goodness! No one in the Red Sox, Cubs or LAD organisations speaks highly of Kapler, neither professionally, nor ethically. And they know him well. I am very happy the Red Sox will not be...
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    Evaluating the 2017 Red Sox

    This team is going to get hot as the the weather does so. We will make the playoffs, there is too much talent not to. When we make the playoffs we need Sale to be himself, Porcello to get balls hit at people, Price to be "Regular-season Price" and not "Playoff Price", Eduardo Rodríguez to...
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    Bullpen 2017

    Do you realise how racist your statement sounds?! Perhaps, you meant they have all suffered Spanish Flu. Yeah, than must be it. I wouldn't want to think otherwise.
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    Red Sox and Yankees pushing for London matchup

    Up to now, official MLB games outside of US/Canada have taken place in countries where baseball is very popular (Japan, Puerto Rico, Australia...). Having such a game in Europe would be enormous for the development of the in this continent. But holding this match in London would virtually...
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    Chris Sale to Boston for Moncada, Kopech, & 2 Prospects

    Past experience has shown us that these "problems", excess of starting pitching in this case, have a way of working themselves out. The Red Sox are in an enviable position, having plentiful MLB proven pitchers, and they should be in no hurry to discard any of their valuable assets as they are...
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    Red Sox Defensive Gifs

    Believe me, he is saying "Vamos, coño!", which I am not going to translate word for word, but is equivalent to saying something like: "Shit, yeah!" It is one of the most common expressions amongst Latin players.