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    5/22 - R1G1 - No Sleep til Brooklyn

    Looked like KD rushed his shot when TL was around.
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    January 2020 General NBA Game Thread

    Saw part of the beginning of the game and then watched the highlights. What I noticed was how other players in the post bounced off Zion. He is a massive load, compact and strong. He can outmaneuver and get offensive rebounds. He bends space. It's obvious that the Pelicans will be much better...
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    Sportswriting Legend Dan Jenkins Passes Away

    Sally Jenkins writes about her father here. I found it very touching:
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    Gordon Hayward 2020: I'm standing here in pieces and you're having delusions of grandeur!

    I believe he said he was staying because they just had a baby ("Daddy's always happy") and couldn't travel.
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    May The Best Team Win...

    But not just that the dominant player is playing--they repeatedly are given the ball or are featured. In basketball in particular, limitations of how many people are on the court, who is given the basketball, etc., makes for much less variance than in baseball.
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    Jaylen Brown - underrated?

    Video of Jaylen training with T-Mac:
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    Hayward's Injury

    Hayward, iirc, was the primary defender on KD in the Utah/GSW series last year and was considered to have done a really good job. He should fit in seamlessly for the wings.
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    The Brad Stevens thread - More Clueless Than Alicia Silverstone

    Kevin O'Connor with a good article on what Brad is doing and what he might be worth--he suggests only after top tier and rising stars:
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    2017-18 NBA Regular Season Game/Observation Thread

    Lakers a pretty amazing 2-14 ... from free throws.