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    Yankees' Boone says he wouldn’t mind a mercy rule

    Let teams decline to bat. If you're up (or down) 12 and want to get out of there faster, just pass on your half-inning.
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    NFL Reinstates Josh Gordon

    He signed his tender back in April--all good. Nobody seems to have a bad word to say about this guy. I think we're all rooting for him.
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    Lets Talk About Drew Magary

    Could also be the blowback for that piece they ran criticizing the new owner's hiring practices. Sounds like things will be different either way. The site had a lot of editorial freedom under Denton because that's his approach, and then kept a lot of it under Univision because nobody at...
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    Scottish Fitba 2019-20: Sorry For Laughing

    They'd better win the Europa play-in, or the loss of European revenue is going to wash out the Tierney money and they'll be in the same financial position but worse on the pitch.
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    The Ringer

    He's a funny writer but a boring speaker. He definitely suffers from the double-duty they have most of their writers do on A/V stuff.
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    Half million in loot stolen from A-Rod’s car in San Francisco

    Rental car smash-and-grabber is like the third-leading non-tech job category in San Francisco.
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    The Ringer

    Yeah, the analogy is probably the latest Deadspin/GMG kerfluffle, in which the writer's union is pressuring management regarding its managerial hiring practices, claiming that the new bosses just hired a bunch of their old white guy cronies. Some that is a traditional bargaining issue of making...
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    The Ringer

    Organizational diversity and managerial diversity can be two different things. Plus we really only see the editorial side of the house, so there's no telling what the finance and sales teams look like. But you're right, the money part will be interesting. Seems like if the money's there he's...
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    Yankees-White Sox to Play Regular Season MLB Game at ‘Field of Dreams’ Site in 2020

    It's going to have to be some kind of shuttle because the roads can't handle ~5,000 cars in a single burst. For anybody in Mass with time on their hands, Dyersville is on US Hwy 20, which is the longest highway in the US and starts pretty much under the Citgo sign in downtown Boston. The game...
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    Newcastle United 19-20: Fundamentally Indeterminate

    An actual bump post because Newcastle have brought in a right back, 25 y/o Emil Krafth from Amiens. By itself that is not exciting--Steve Bruce's celebratory quote notably leads with the guy's height and ability to speak English rather than his ability level--but it will be interesting to see...
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    2019 Cricket All-Rounder Thread

    Syd is apparently going to be too well-mannered to note that Australia won the first Ashes test today, coming from behind when England's second innings collapsed into a pool of Pimm's and regret.
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    2019-20 Championship- Now with 100% less Pig.

    Newcastle correspondent here. Short answer is that Bruce is viewed as a very good Championship manager who has been hired for the express purpose of getting them promoted next year after they collapse into relegation this year. That's a little unfair; then again, see essentially his entire time...
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    Whatever 7/31

    If Porcello were a soccer player and took penalty kicks, every one would be a panenka.
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    2019 Pats: General Training Camp Thread

    It's never a bad idea to feed Dante a talented guy with technique issues.