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    If the season gets to September 1, the Red Sox luxury tax resets

    I was going to as the same because the google doc, cots and Spotrac have 3 different numbers.
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    Osich to Cubs for PTBNL

    If that does turn out to be the case, has to be considered a huge win.
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    Red Sox Trade Deadline Thread

    I know this isn't really an offseason thread, but the Evo/Odor rumor from earlier got me thinking. I still think the goal should be to get as much space under the tax threshold as possible. I wonder if Bloom might explore more options of dealing Evo in order to save some more $$ as a way to get...
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    Osich to Cubs for PTBNL

    Is it too much to think either of these PTBNLs would/could be on the Cubs and Rockies top 30 list?
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    Ryan Brasier retweets video mocking Jacob Blake response

    The trade deadline is Monday, can they just suspend him, try and throw him in a deal (to get something for their baseball asset) and cut him the minute the deadline passes on Monday if they can't? Who cares about optics, he didn't.
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    Let's talk about this ballclub.

    Whenever anyone says about the tax, "they can afford it, they don't HAVE to get under", etc. Why is it that is rarely mentioned that tax dollars are not the only penalties here. The team was beginning to incur draft penalties (and is there not some sort of international signing penalties as...
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    Tuukka opts out of the rest of the season

    Here is an article with video Milbury
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    Tuukka opts out of the rest of the season

    Sorry I am not a Bruins fan, was just watching the game, I'll save that vitriol for those with a dog in the fight haha
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    Tuukka opts out of the rest of the season

    Am I the only one that thinks Milbury was harsh on him in pregame
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    "We're going to Disney World!" NBA to resume season July 31 at WDW

    I've been so confused by how the lottery is gonna work. It looks like the play-in is going to come down to Portland. If Mem loses the play-in, does that put them in the lottery? With the pick at 14?
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    Cleveland Indians ready to discuss changing team name

    Sure but there are better ways to express it than calling people snowflakes and implicitly piling on them. I'm with Staz, my issue is where do you draw the line. Balancing out the scales is absolutely well and good, but tilting them so far in the other direction in order to prove how...
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    Cleveland Indians ready to discuss changing team name

    Thanks for the lesson I am well aware of when they were put up and have always thought they should be in a place where people can choose to view them if they choose (if people have decided they should not be out in public view).Getting this back on track if the Indians feel they should change...
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    Cleveland Indians ready to discuss changing team name

    I'm sorry I am with Jsinger in this in that he is entitled to his opinion and the responses to him are not helping the situation. The only people who should be not only offended (if they want to be) or asked if they are offended are the minorities involved. I say this as a disabled man who...
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    2020 Pats: QB Edition

    I might be on an island here, but I'd be willing to do 23 and a '21 2nd to move up if Tua comes in range. I'm not sure I'd be willing to give up 4 picks this year, especially without a 2nd.
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    2020 Pats: General/Non-QB Off-Season Discussion

    I agree, I was just trying to see how they could move the 14+mill but maybe Cannon makes more sense. Could also give them the ammo to get an OT (or maybe Cajuste surprises?)