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    6/8--NBA FINALS G3, Golden State @ Celtics

    Probably too late but the Connecticut Yankee in Potrero Hill is the Pats bar in town, so I assume it will have a good crowd. The Lucky Shamrock on Lincoln Way is owned by a guy from Needham, but the TV situation won't be as good.
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    NFL Officiating: Zebras gone wild

    Someone mentioned it upthread that our standards have simply gotten bigger and bigger for officials - to a point where we are expecting perfection in a judgment call role. There will always be ambiguity in the rules/rulings and I think as viewers we are uncomfortable with ambiguity. I watched...
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    Forget Bolf, Let's Talk Frolf: The Disc Golf Thread

    i am so happy this thread exists. i was about to post conrad's shot and see if others enjoy following professional disc golf, too. i started playing at borderland in easton ~2002. my home course was golden gate park in SF for about 10 years and now you can find me at stafford in novato, ca. i...
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    2020 Divisional Weekend Game Thread: Nevermore

    Love thinking of the Titans fans from this article during the past month.
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    NBA Finals Gamethread or how the NBA has more downtime than Game Of Thrones

    Can't we all get back to hating on Mark Jackson as one group?
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    Hosting a Super Bowl Party

    I love Super Bowl parties. I haven't held one in many years (haven't had a large enough place since college), but now go to a fellow Pats fan's place in SF every year. Here is the key to a perfect watching experience: Everyone is in the living room together watching the game, getting food...