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    August 2015 Game Thread

      Lester's batting line for the year is down to 0.24/0.24/0.24. Probably not coincidentally he's 3rd from last in run support in MLB with 2.78 per start. Between the running game and his complete contempt for the concept of batting, I wonder if his teammates get pissed off at him. To top it off...
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    Red Sox claim RHP Jean Machi

      Good news: he's Jeen Ma-chee.
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    Red Sox claim RHP Jean Machi

    He has an unusual forkball that was downright filthy in 2013 and 2014 that was the biggest key to his success, and a curve that was quite effective too. His swinging strike percentages are down a little on those in 2015 and by the eye test he never really had the same feel for them this year...
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    Should the DH be implemented in both leagues?

    I actually like watching NL baseball just as much or more than AL. For me the pitcher hitting gives the game a nice rhythm. My perception is that there's a wider variety of situational hitting strategy due to the extra asymmetry in the lineup. The AL is more like every hitter going up with the...
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    April 2015 Game Thread

    Top notch double play turned by the Giants against the Dodgers. Dive going up the middle by Crawford, flawless shovel from his stomach to Panik, strong turn to Posey. One of the plays of the year so far.
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    Rogers Centre: Green Grass and High Tides Forever

    I have curmudgeonly objections to the Rogers Centre. Constant too-loud music and too many flashing video boards. When the roof is closed, forget about it. Last year they didn't open the roof once until I think late May despite the weather being fine.   Sections 101-108 and 135-143 are my...
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    MLB Hot Stove News Only Thread

      Amen. These Jays trades are pissing me off. Two genuine talents in Donaldson and Saunders who had bad blood with their respective GMs acquired for next to nothing. The Donaldson deal was surprising but defensible, if you squint a bit. The Saunders deal... insane. Happ doesn't even threaten...
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    MLB Hot Stove News Only Thread

    Yasmany Tomas to... Diamondbacks? 6yrs/$68.5m with opt out after year 4.   Seems less than the rumor mill predicted?
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    Braves trade Jason Heyward to Cardinals for Shelby Miller

      Yeah looks like I was wrong---B-Ref claims that he is arb eligible in 2016 but it must be a mistake. They also have him a FA after 2015 on the same page so just a slip up I guess. Makes the trade seem a bit more sensible from the Braves end.
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    Blue Jays sign Russell Martin to 5-year $82M deal

    "Navarro to DH" is about the worst idea I've ever heard. I mean, he wasn't terrible last year, but for him to be the opening day DH seems like a huge stretch.
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    Braves trade Jason Heyward to Cardinals for Shelby Miller

    Feels like a win for the Cardinals to me, even with Heyward a FA after 2016.
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    MLB Hot Stove News Only Thread

    Jed Hoyer on the La Stella trade:     Obviously this is a GM making a public statement so take it with a pinch of salt. But it does fit with the Cubs' recent pattern of focusing almost exclusively on young, toolsy hitters regardless of need and shying away from young pitching.
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    2014 Giants: It's an even year, look out

    I hope and expect to see:   - Panda back if the bidding stays below $90m/5yrs (a.k.a. The Pence Deal). If it goes beyond that, I still expect him back but I'm less confident. He's going to get paid well.     - Lincecum to enter spring as the presumptive 5th starter. I think he gets another shot...
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    How are the Giants doing it?

    I know we're supposed to distrust intangibles but the Giants culture is amazing. Lots of positivity, looseness, intensity, camaraderie. All the ego on the roster is collective ego. I think that comes from the continuity in the coaching, the roster, the management. For example they've had the...
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    World Series Game 4 Royals @ Giants

    It'll be the shortest of leashes for Vogey tonight. Petit has to be allowed to make an impact on this series and it has to be today. If Lincecum's healthy I'd like to see Bochy piece together 6 or 7 from those 3 one way or another.