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    2022-2023 NBA Game Thread

    Simmons actually showing up for Brooklyn is a big deal. The Nets remain loaded with talent and a restored Simmons should fit really well with Durant and Kyrie. Between Kyrie and Simmons the roster is a powder keg that’s been doused in lighter fluid, but if they can somehow thread the...
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    2022-2023 General Celtics thread

    Yep. This is probably the only real use for that exception, if it is both obtained and used. Also, carrying Gallinari on the roster isn’t a big deal. It wasn’t that long ago NBA teams only had 13 roster spots and no 2-ways, so there’s really no reason for anyone to worry that we might be able...
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    Doogie drains 3's, the Sam Hauser thread

    There’s no reason to question his shot. He shot .439 over his college career, with no season below .400. Last year he shot over .400 in the G League. He can shoot and if he gets shots he will make them. I think there is an open question as to how dangerous his shot is in the NBA. He doesn’t...
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    Blake Griffin to Celts

    Agreed. The advanced stats are a bit inconsistent but generally positive on his defense. LEBRON had him around average on both sides and overall, RAPTOR has him as a significant positive on defense and slightly negative on offense, and DARKO thinks he’s been in steady decline offensively but...
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    Blake Griffin to Celts

    I think it’s unlikely we signed a former All Star vet who has never won a ring and will cut or trade him midseason. It’s a bad look. Guys like Blake are signing with a team like Boston to ring chase. He will be here in the playoffs unless he is necessary to make a mid-season trade for a...
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    Offseason Rumors/News

    I don’t think it’s likely, but I don’t think the relationship issue here carries a ton of weight. We’d be trading a player with an option for next year and who will miss most, if not all, of this year so I think the idea this would be looked at as unfair seems a bit strained under these...
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    Offseason Rumors/News

    The only path I see would be to trade Gallo and filler for him once Gallo becomes tradeable in mid-October. I’m not really sure why Phoenix does that unless they are stuck actually considering a buyout, but such a trade wouldn’t really limit flexibility going forward (other than the pick cost)...
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    Ime Udoka suspended for the 22-23 season

    Perk says “I have the information” but clearly knows nothing. If Perk had real information, he would be speaking to it instead of claiming “everybody knew” about unspecified acts.
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    Grant “Corner Office” Williams

    Minutes played is not a great measure of quality. Our rotation, by quality and without including Gallinari, is roughly in the following order: Tatum Jaylen Smart/Timelord Brogdon/White/Horford Grant Pritchard Kornet/Hauser Grant is our 8th best player, not 5th.
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    Grant “Corner Office” Williams

    Yes, although it’s also worth noting that if there is crazy interest (like someone willing to pay 4/80 if Grant is basically the same player next year), then we can likely do a sign and trade to net a big TPE that has some non-trivial value, so even that scenario is unlikely to be a total loss...
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    Danilo Gallinari to the Celtics

    I don’t think they need to rush to replace Gallinari, so I don’t particularly care if they sign Melo. Agree that trading White for Bogdanovich doesn’t make sense. I can see it being a tough call whether to sign a guaranteed mediocrity at significant expense or to wait it out, see how Hauser...
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    Donovan Mitchell traded to Cleveland

    Agreed. I really like this deal for the Cavs since I think they are well positioned to not regret the picks they are giving up and they now have a cote where, if Mobley can ascend as a star, they are a contender. Sexton for Mitchell is a massive upgrade for them. I suspect there will be...
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    Offseason Rumors/News

    I’d disagree on pretty much all of this. For the Porter Jr. comps (both of them) those aren’t terrible comps in terms of career trajectory. The problem for the Knicks is (1) getting Otto Porter Jr. on a near max is a bad outcome; and (2) both Porter Jr.’s had progressed to a significantly...
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    Grant “Corner Office” Williams

    Grant isn’t a $15-16 million a year player right now. He’s maybe a full MLE player at the most. He could be a player at that higher level after this coming year if everything goes right for him. He could also fall back toward taxpayer MLE or lower. I think 4/48 is about as high as I’d...
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    Kevin Durant Sweepstakes

    That’s true, but we can adjust for it. The fact remains that both players are off to better starts than Jaylen’s start when measured by age too. This also matches my sense that, absent injuries (a meaningful caveat), JJJ would have comparable trade value to Jaylen and preferring him is quite...