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    Old guys playing in different eras

    A topic I think often about! 2 players that come to my mind: Arvydas Sabonis Yao Ming Yao didn't have much, if any, type of post-game until he worked with Patrick Ewing in the States. He took plenty of abuse down in the post. Yao would be much more of a mid-range and deep offensive player in...
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    Arsenal 2017-18: Au Revoir, Arsene

    I've been following the transfer rumours of Lemar/Mbappé/Mahrez like mad all summer, specifically the first two. Is it ever hard not to get my hopes up... Also, OM are confident in Olivier Giroud coming:
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    12/3-12/4 Weekend Gamethread: El Classico and El PetroClassico

    Pretty crazy day for French soccer in Ligue 1. PSG handed their worst Ligue 1 defeat in 5 years with a 3:0 loss to Montpellier. Olympique Lyonnais-FC Metz match was abandoned after this happened...
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    The Game Goat Thread: vs Seahawks

    The defence was massively disappointing tonight, but I also give a consideration to Chris Hogan, who looked disinterested at times. Two plays that stick out in my mind: his (lack of) blocking near the red zone earlier in the game during a play to Bennett -- if he had been blocking, it might've...
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    Bruins Prospect News and Notes

    Kirk Luedeke with an article devoted solely to Jake DeBrusk; it is a nice read and makes one think of the full context of scouting. I, like others, were left scratching their head when I heard his name called as the sandwich...
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    January NHL News

    Yeah, "pummel" was the wrong word. I really meant "destroy each other with cheap shots".
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    January NHL News

    Maybe now Zac Rinaldo and John Scott can pummel the shit out of each other, & then everybody wins.
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    The Red Sox will retire Wade Boggs’ number on May 26

    I'm not sure why, but I'm rather annoyed that Boggs' number is retired before Dewey's. I was really hoping at some point that Dewey's number would be retired, & it seemed possible when the Sox lifted their qualifications for Pedro (although for a different reason), but with David Price most...
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    Worst MLB Franchise of All Time

    Yeah, the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays and the St. Louis Browns were the 1st 2 teams to come to mind. Browns had a .428 winning percentage (3414-4465-99) which would rank them dead last among active teams today (San Diego Padres and Tampa Bay Rays have current winning percentages of .464). We know...
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    Bruins Reveal 2016 Winter Classic jerseys

    Mine despatched from the Pro Shop on Wednesday, & it arrived in the mail 2 days later (Friday) through FedEx. Included was a really cool box with Winter Classic stuff on it. Hopefully you get yours soon.
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    NFL Week 14 Game Thread

    RedZone just showed Manziel celebrating a facemask penalty like he passed a career milestone or something.
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    Dombrowski: SP likely from FA. Which should we sign?

    Maeda is in the midst of a "Super 12" tournament right now, and it is still uncertain that he would be posted after the ending of the tournament. I am by no means a scout of any sort, but the consensus according to FanGraphs and MinorLeagueBall is that he has good consistent pitch mix, but he...
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    EPL...educate me & help me pick a team

    André Ayew is awesome; I have his Swansea kit. Monaco sure seems tempting after doing some research. Maybe I choose them & 1 of Lyon/Marseille. Nice would be out if I follow Monaco though, as it seems they're rivals. And AS Monaco's stadium is a beaut...