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    Avery Bradley traded for Marcus Morris

    What are the chances of signing Dedmond to the room exception? I feel we still need a rebounder/rim protector. Who is out there for that role that we can sign to the exception? I've also heard on ESPN about Jamal Crawford being a target if he gets bought out by Atlanta. Wouldn't he be a...
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    2017 NBA Draft Thread

    I'd trade the #1 plus for Jimmy Butler in a second! Butler and then sign Hayward and hope Zizic and Yalu are ready to contribute. That team will beat Cleveland and challenge for a title.
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    Draft Lottery Game Thread

    With the #1 pick, don't we have a better chance to trade it and a player/players for Jimmy Butler? Isn't that the best usage of the pick for us now? I'm thinking make that trade for Butler and sign Hayward and hope that Zizac and the Dancing Bear are ready to contribute next year off the bench...
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    Montreal Rays?

    As a Charlotte native, I would love to see the Rays move to Charlotte. I would buy season tickets tomorrow to know the Sox would be coming to town 3 times a year for roughly 9 games or so. Charlotte just built a beautiful downtown stadium for the AAA team. Right now it only holds approx...