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    Forget Bolf, Let's Talk Frolf: The Disc Golf Thread

    I've got Udisc, but I've only played Top O down that way so it's nice to get some thoughts from people who have played the courses. I liked the course the one time I played it so I'd recommend giving it a go if you're in the area. Thanks for the recommendation on Woods. I don't always want to...
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    Forget Bolf, Let's Talk Frolf: The Disc Golf Thread

    Watched the whole tournament with the wife, nice to see the pros struggle every so often. The wind was absurd. A few other random thoughts: Someone gifted me with a kastaplast Lots, that thing just glides forever when I hit it right. I like it very much so far (see how I avoided the obvious...
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    Brady is back….back again

    So we can draw the assumption from this that he hates (hated) his coach? I'm a little surprised, but not disappointed. It's another year of the GOAT, it's all been gravy for several years no, but here's some more.
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    Can rules changes save baseball?

    This depends, really. I had an easier time accessing them 15 years ago than I do today. There are theoretically more options, but blackout areas eliminate every online option, radio might work, but cable is pretty much it up here.
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    Can rules changes save baseball?

    I think games should be easier to access, rule changes, especially limiting the dead time will help, but I'm a sox fan in NH. I don't have cable, and its a 2+ hour drive to a game. I'm blacked out of any way to watch the games except paying for an expensive monthly cable/online package that I...
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    Greatest teams to NOT win the Super Bowl

    My football watching for the last 20 years or so is very Pats centric and I don't follow the league much at all so my thoughts are all Pats related. The 2001 Rams were very good, I didn't think the Pats had a prayer going into the game, but they probably deserve a place on this list. Also the...
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    Celebrating what is

    Was this the game where Law covered Harrison and they both caught 3 balls from Manning? That was awesome.
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    What was your favorite Tom Brady moment?

    So many options, he played for so long and even if you do something arbitrary like eliminate the entire playoffs (or the entire regular season) you still have so many to choose from. Hell even if you limited it to Super Bowls only you'd have plenty of choices. I'll throw out the 4th quarter vs...
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    Red Sox player that you cared most about

    I thought of another one: Wily Mo Pena. After I saw him hit some absolute bombs I kept hoping he could pull it together (I'm sure we all did), but obviously it never happened.
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    Red Sox player that you cared most about

    There are many stars I kept an eye on, and my immediate thought was Pedro or Ortiz. A little bit more in the spirit of the thread, I always had a soft spot in my heart for Rich Gedman. I know exactly why too. I was listening to a game with my dad and couldn't stay up for the whole game...
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    The Game Ball: Wk. 13 at Buffalo

    Pretty sure some of the board has seen the snap hit the goalpost on a punt. They are all very unlikely and I would suspect we won't see any of them again. Of course if you had asked me in 2002 if I'd see a snap hit a goal post I'd have said the same thing. View...
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    Best Patriots Regular Season Win under BB

    For sheer domination its tough to top the 59-0 win against the Titans in '09. There are certainly more important games than that one, but it might be their best (regular season) game. It is probably not very high on the importance scale. On a personal note, I was at the 2010 45-3 game that...
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    Pats vs. Falcons discussion

    My nerves are a combination of things. Some of it is just general sports nerves. I want the Pats to win, and they've been playing well recently, but I'm invested so I don't want things to go badly. I think a short week is always a bit of a randomizer, my head says BB will have the Pats better...
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    Game Balls—Week 9 vs Carolina

    I almost felt bad for Darnold on that one. They had a view from somewhere behind the QB on the broadcast and I couldn't see any part of Collins when he was winding up the throw. There were a couple of linemen blocking him so he probably should have known someone was there, but Collins popped...
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    The Game Ball Thread: Wk. 8 at LAC

    The problem with this is our lack of information. For all we know McDaniels called a run and Bill changed it. I tend to think Bill isn't second guessing that much, I think he decides to go for it or not and lets the OC call from there. There's also a chance they wanted to see how Mac handles...